23 Corner Garden Ideas To Fill Out Neglected Nooks

23 Corner Garden Ideas To Fill Out Neglected Nooks

Be honest: is that one empty corner of the garden being used to its fullest potential? If the answer is no, this article is for you. There are so many ways to fill out unused spaces at the edge of your garden. Sometimes, browsing a few inspirational garden corner ideas is all you need to turn a barren corner into a haven of beauty or a hub of entertainment. 

Overlooked spaces like corners are hidden gems just waiting to become the best spots in your outdoor hangout. Read on to see all the possibilities of garden corners, from relaxing lounge areas and secluded jungles to practical storage zones and space-maximising plots. By the end, you’ll be eager to transform your own forgotten corner into the star of the outdoor show. 


1. L-Shaped Sofa

Riviera Luxury Outdoor Corner Group Set in Latte - £2,299


Have an unused nook on your patio or deck? L-shaped sofas make great ideas for corners of the garden. A corner sofa utilises corner space efficiently, providing a valuable, comfortable outdoor seating arrangement for the whole family. An outdoor sofa can instantly transform a dull garden corner into a cosy and inviting space. 


2. Flower Garden 

Puccini 3 Seat Sofa Set in Latte - £3,799


An overlooked, barren corner can easily be spruced up with a small flower bed. With a corner flower garden, you’ll add natural beauty to the corner, fill out your garden, and enhance the beauty of your property. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with your plant choices, colours, and arrangements. 


3. Wall-Mounted Pergola 


PergoSTET 3m x 3m Square Wall Mounted Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in Grey - £3,199.00

A wall-mounted pergola is a modern corner feature that creates a defined outdoor space. This structure attaches to the side of your home and offers plenty of outdoor shade for a seating area. Modern pergola ideas include adjustable louvred roofs, drop-shades, and customisable LED lights. 

See our list of garden shade ideas for more ways to protect yourself from the sun in your garden. 


4. Corner Dining Table 


Luna 8 Seat Outdoor Fabric Oval Dining Set in Grey £2,799

Ideal for outdoor gatherings, a lovely outdoor dining table and comfortable chairs can fill up corner space very effectively. A once-empty corner can become a lively entertainment hub, perfect for hosting al fresco meals. 

Or, if you’re interested in turning a corner into a grilling station, check out our list of outdoor kitchen ideas


5. Vertical Garden 


Reims Lounge Set Grey - £1,499.99


If you want to add greenery to a corner of the garden, install a trellis with climbing plants or vines for a vertical element. You’ll maximise greenery even in a limited space. A corner vertical garden adds a modern and visually appealing element to any outdoor space. It’s a perfect place for growing kitchen herbs or small plants.


6. Corner Hedges 

 Monterrey Rope Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Table in Grey (Right Hand) - £2,999

A corner hedge provides privacy and delineates space in the corner of a garden. This unique feature can enhance your landscaping, add greenery, and provide privacy in your space. 


7. Modern Corner Garden 


Vienna Corner Group Set in Latte - £3,799

If you want to inject some contemporary style into your patio or deck, use modern and durable aluminium furniture. Make use of sleek, clean lines and geometric design elements to turn an empty corner into a stylish retreat. Other modern garden ideas include a luxurious tabletop firepit, an LED mood light pergola, and an LED parasol


8. Simple Corner Garden 


Newport 2 Seat Lounge Set With Cube Side Table in Charcoal - £799.00

One simple corner garden idea is a modest bistro set for two. This setup creates a minimalist, uncluttered look, offering a relaxed and casual seating spot to enjoy a beverage with a loved one. This also makes a great corner garden idea for small gardens


9. Poolside Seating  

Monterrey 10 Seat Rope Extending Teak Dining Set in Grey - £3,799


Fill up space near the corner of your pool with a seating setup like the one above. This is sure to enhance the overall poolside experience, adding a place to lounge in the sun after a refreshing swim. Just make sure there’s shade nearby to shield you from the heat. 


10. Garden Shed 


Photography by Anne Shelmerdine via Unsplash 


If you have a green thumb and need more storage space for your gardening equipment, consider putting a garden shed in a corner of your yard. A shed will fit seamlessly into an empty corner, making the most of your space while providing a convenient place to store gloves, trowels, rakes, soil, fertiliser, shovels, and more. 


11. Egg Chair

Globo Hammock Single Seater Chair Set Weatherproof in Cream Beige - £1,065

Why not fill a corner with a fun, out-of-the-box garden seating idea? A round swing, egg, or hanging chair can turn a dull corner into a desirable seating spot for kids and adults alike. Suddenly, the corner will be less of an overlooked space and more of an eye-catching focal point. 


12. Tropical Oasis 


Santiago Rectangular Rattan Corner Dining Set with Rising Firepit Table in Grey - £1,849.00

Create a lush, luxurious corner of the garden inspired by a tropical resort. Just add palm trees, ferns, and other vibrant tropical plants. Then include some rattan furniture to lounge in. Cast shade over the corner with a parasol. Then, kick back with your drink of choice and enjoy an evening of tranquillity. It’ll feel like you’re on holiday right outside your back door. 


13. Lush Corner 

Richmond Antique Wood Bench with Pop Up Table in Antique Grey - £199.99

Another garden corner design idea is to simply embrace plants for a full, lush look. Tall shrubs and large, flowering bushes can quickly fill in an empty edge. Add a garden bench nearby to enjoy the view of your gorgeously cultivated plants.


14. Secluded Recessed Corner 


Palma Deluxe Square Rope Dining Set with Rising Table in Grey - £3,999

A recessed corner like this one offers a very private and intimate space in the garden. It can be a smaller retreat within a much larger outdoor area, perfect for quiet moments of relaxation. 

Fill a recessed corner with a seating setup, like lounge chairs or a cosy corner sofa, along with a space to dine. Make sure to add some outdoor lighting elements to illuminate the corner and maintain visibility well into the evening. 


15. Interesting Planters  

Photo by Pew Nguyen 

One way to fill a garden corner with plants is to seek out eye-catching, unique planters. Attractive planters made with unconventional materials (like upcycled tires, teapots, and ladders) can be great DIY projects. Or, invest in planters that match your personal style and fit in with your artistic vision for the garden. You’ll be sure to increase visual appeal while adding a creative touch to the corner.


16. U-Shaped Sofa 


Palma U Shape Rope Sofa Set with Rising Table in Grey - £4,299.00

A big, U-shaped sofa is one of our favourite garden corner ideas. Not only does a U-shaped sofa provide ample seating for a large group, but it also does a great job of efficiently using corner space. 

A comfortable, inviting seating area will encourage conversation and socialising at any outdoor gathering. The large size of the sofa will fill a corner without making it feel too crowded, and a central table will provide plenty of room for food, games, drinks, and candles. 


17. Shaded Deck


Triton 2.5m Round Aluminium Parasol in Khaki - £75.00


Making a garden corner into a deck can open up a wealth of possibilities in your outdoor space. You can turn a corner deck into a seating nook, an outdoor dining room, or an entertainment hub.

A shaded deck, in particular, is ideal for dining and lounging. It also offers protection from the sun during a hot day of gardening. If you can’t shade the deck with a modern pergola or built-in cover, consider adding a parasol to make the deck more comfortable. 

Check out our list of covered decking ideas for even more inspiration. 


18. Small Corner Garden 


Quay 3 Seat Sofa Set in Linen - £1,749.00

Need small corner garden ideas? This one is ideal for a garden with limited space. A simple area with stone pavers, a chair or two, and a few potted plants will do just the trick. Such a simple corner will be easy to maintain, add a touch of greenery, and won’t overcrowd the space. 


19. Potted Plant Corner 


Photo by Ivy Aralia Nizar

Embrace greenery by dedicating a garden corner to your beloved potted fauna. Place large decorative planters or pots in the corners and fill them with colourful flowers, shrubs, or small trees. This is another excellent option for those with limited gardening space and wanting to add more plants to a paved patio or deck. 


20. Cosy Fire Pit

Luna Deluxe Outdoor Fabric Square Corner Dining Set with Rising Firepit Table in Grey - £4,299.00

A fire pit is an outdoor addition that will make your corner the cosiest it can be. A fire pit will create a warm focal point that extends the usability of your outdoor space into the evening and the colder months of the year. 

A tabletop firepit with a sofa nearby is an incredibly comfortable autumn garden idea that will make the corner extremely usable for gatherings in chilly weather. 


21. Tranquil Birdbath


Photo by Timothy Kindrachuk

Install a birdbath or a small fountain to attract birds and create a soothing water feature in the corner of your garden. A birdbath adds to a serene and natural ambience and helps support local wildlife. 

22. Shaded Corner 


PergoSTET 3m x 3m Steel Square Pergola in Grey - £1,399


An ultra-shaded yet natural-looking corner makes for a whimsical garden retreat. A natural canopy or pergola with plants growing on the roof offers relief from the sun while creating a magical, serene place to read, meditate, or just relax. 


23. Privacy Screen


Palma 10 Seat Rope Extending Dining Set in Grey - £3,799


A privacy fence in the corner of your garden can help it feel much more secluded and secure. A privacy fence or a screen of hedges acts as a backdrop for other elements of the garden, like furniture or plants. For more ideas, head over to our complete list of garden screening ideas

Cultivate Corners You Love

It’s time to reimagine those overlooked corners as thriving, inviting sanctuaries. We hope this list of garden corner ideas will help you fill out your outdoor living space with new nooks and crannies that fit your vision. Embrace new possibilities for empty corners, and suddenly, you’ll find that no space in your garden goes unused. 

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