Ignite your passion for grilling: discover the superiority of Napoleon BBQs, where unmatched quality, innovative design, and culinary innovation come together to create unforgettable moments around the grill.

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Napoleon: Revolutionising BBQ Grills

Napoleon Features


Advanced Ignition System

The JETFIRE™ ignition ensures reliable lighting with a single spark, every time. This innovative system ignites each burner individually with a jet of flame, making grill startup effortless. No extra batteries or effort needed – just a twist of the wrist lights up your barbecue instantly.

BBQ Lights

Napoleon solves the challenge of nighttime cooking by adding LED interior lighting to our barbecues and grill cabinets. Now, you can grill worry-free in low-light conditions without needing a flashlight.

Burner Tubes

Our precision-tailored burners ensure clean combustion, delivering a flavorful grilling experience with natural gas or propane. Dual gas ports on each burner guarantee even heating, reducing flare-ups during use.

Charcoal Tray

Lighting the charcoal tray is a breeze: remove the grids, add charcoal, and ignite the burners. The gas burners swiftly light the charcoal for you. After the charcoal ashes over, simply replace the cooking grids, and you're all set to grill effortlessly with charcoal!

High Efficiency

High BTUs don't always mean better efficiency in barbecues. However, Napoleon grills excel in efficiency. Our units seal tightly, ensuring optimal airflow for complete fuel combustion, be it charcoal, natural gas, or propane. This balanced airflow guarantees even heating and cooking, offering precise temperature control.

Wave Cooking Grids

Our cooking grids feature a distinctive wave shape, not just for looks but also for functionality. This design ensures even heating, more surface area, and prevents smaller food from falling through, keeping your grill cleaner. Most importantly, it enhances the longevity of our grill grates by accommodating heat expansion and contraction.

Infared Sizzle Zone

Examining the ceramic brick of the infrared burner, you'll spot tiny ports where gas is forced through and ignites on the brick's surface. Due to its material, the ceramic rapidly heats to 1,800°F. This delightful orange glow is short-wave infrared energy, known for its efficient heat transfer capabilities.

Roll Top Lid

Our barbecue's lid pivots centrally, saving space and providing leverage for easy lifting. Crafted with quality materials, it retains heat while maximizing outdoor space. The LIFT EASE™ Roll Top lid ensures effortless access to your delicious meals, despite its slightly heavier build.

Sear Plates

Napoleon's sear plates are unique: arranged in a multi-level, staggered pattern, they offer more than just great flavor. This design ensures even heating across the grilling surface and keeps the interior and burners cleaner. With Napoleon, maintaining a clean barbecue is effortless.

Stainless Steel Construction

Napoleon barbecues feature stainless steel interiors and exteriors, perfect for outdoor and culinary use. Stainless steel is environmentally friendly, requiring no extra finishing or harsh chemicals. It stands up to the elements and is 100% recyclable, ensuring longevity and sustainability.

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