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Preparing your Garden for Spring: Get your Furniture Ready for the New Season

2nd April, 2024
  A time of new beginnings and fresh blooms, preparing your UK garden for spring is just as important as the rest of your home. As we tidy away the last remnants of winter, it's time to get the spring garden furniture out of hibernation and give it a new lease of life. 
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24 North-Facing Garden Ideas To Raise Your Outdoor Space Appeal

22nd May, 2024
Foraging for north-facing garden ideas? There are plenty of simple tricks that will make your north-facing garden look and feel as sunny and inviting as possible. North-facing gardens have a bad re...
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18 BBQ Area Ideas That Will Upgrade Any Outdoor Space

15th May, 2024
As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, there's no better time to start planning those much-loved, laid-back barbecues with family and friends. After all, what's not to love about the ...
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Top 24 Garden Party Ideas to Make Your Next Event Sparkle

10th May, 2024
Whether you're a seasoned host or a first-time planner, the charm of a garden party is undeniable. With the right blend of creativity and planning, you can easily transform your outdoor space into ...
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Awning Vs Pergola: Which Is Better for Your Garden?

1st May, 2024
Adding a garden structure, like an awning or pergola, is a great way to give your outdoor space an update and refresh, providing shade from the sun. The only problem? Choosing which one is the best...
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Veranda vs Pergola: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Outdoor Space

24th April, 2024
Are you thinking of adding an outdoor structure to your garden but don’t know the difference between a veranda vs pergola? Many homeowners grapple with this question when designing their perfect ou...
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Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas: The Ultimate Style and Functionality Fusion

18th April, 2024
 An outdoor kitchen pergola is your ticket to stunning family dinners. However, before you get stuck into months of alfresco dining, you must design your ideal outdoor cooking space. Over the past ...
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Patio Lighting Ideas: Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Patio?

10th April, 2024
Picking the right patio lighting ideas can transform your outdoor aesthetic. Not only is outdoor lighting paramount for alfresco cooking, but it is also a fun way to personalise your patio, especia...
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Preparing your Garden for Spring: Get your Furniture Ready for the New Season

3rd April, 2024
Are you ready? It's official—it's time for the big clean. That's right: the days finally start to get longer, the temperatures get (slightly) warmer, and the sun begins peeking out from behind the ...
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