The Best Garden Furniture of 2022 for every style and budget

The Best Garden Furniture of 2022 for every style and budget

It’s Summer! And that means it’s the peak season for getting yourself outdoors and enjoying the sunshine (when we get it). But first, you need to design your outdoor space and furnish it in a way that suits your style and budget.

The right furniture will help you to help to transform your outdoor living area into a much-needed sanctuary for your friends and family to relax and socialise. A quick Google search and you’ll realise there is an overwhelming number of options. So, what is the best garden furniture? This will depend on a number of factors including your space, budget and personal preferences. 

In this blog, we’re exploring the best outdoor furniture to elevate your outdoor space.


Best garden furniture to leave outside in the UK…

So, let's look at some of our favourite 2022 furniture in a combination of different materials that our outdoor furniture is in.


The best outdoor dining sets…

Nothing says British Summertime quite like alfresco dining. Create a relaxing space to invite your friends and family around, stick on the BBQ and relax. Of course, you need somewhere to sit, and our outdoor dining sets are just the solution. 

From simple wooden bistro dining sets to large rattan tables, we’ve got a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, and budget, you’ll find something to suit your dining needs. 

Here are some of our most popular in our dining set range…

1. Kalama 4 Seat Round Dining with Teak Table

This compact dining set offers a stunning contrast between the teak round table and woven acrylic chairs. It has a classic circular design, but with a modern twist in the form of woven chairs and spiral-like legs.

The chairs also have a removable sun-proof cushion made from PU foam, making them as comfortable as they are eye-catching. But that’s not all, they are as durable as they are beautiful, with maintenance and weather-proof aluminium chair frames. This style comes in multiple colours (teak, green and charcoal), and there is also a six-seater option if you want to entertain a couple more people.


Materials: Aluminium, teak and acrylic

Reasons to buy:

  • Stunning and compact design ideal for most spaces
  • Combination of materials for a contemporary design
  • Durable materials and design

Best for: Compact gardens, and small families that want somewhere for everyone to sit.


2. Monterrey 6 Seat Oval Dining Set - Thin Rope Weave

Rope weave is the stylish sibling of rattan, synthetic construction that emulates a natural material. This makes it extremely durable, and a brilliant choice for contemporary garden outdoor furniture.

The Harbour Lifestyle Monterrey 6-seat dining set uses a combination of a robust aluminium frame, entwined with a hydrophobic thin rope weave. In addition, they are topped by thin, yet luxurious cushions made from reflex foam, allowing them to stay in shape even after years of use. The cushion covers are Olefin fabric, which has a high level of fade resistance and water resistance - which makes it ideal for UK summers. The Monterrey also comes in an eight-seater design, if you have room or need a little more space. 

Seats: 6

Materials: Aluminium frame, and rope weave

Reasons to buy:

  • Modern and durable design
  • Emulates a natural material, but with low-maintenance properties
  • Extremely stylish

Best for: Gardens with a lot of space, that have a non-traditional aesthetic.


3. Portland 8 Seat Rectangular Dining with Teak Table 

Need something a little more roomy? The Portland 8-seat dining set creates a stunning focal point for your outdoor living space. At the same time, it’s highly practical and can fit the whole family (plus a few more).

The table is beautiful teak, while the chairs and table legs are weatherproof and maintenance-free aluminium legs. The chair backs are acrylic weaved, with 3cm removable cushions. If you want something more compact then there is an option for a 4-seater or 6-seater Portland dining set.

Seats: 8

Materials: Teak, aluminium and acrylic 

Reasons to buy:

  • Loads of room for the whole family
  • Stunning focal point 
  • Elevates outdoor space with a modern and sophisticated style.

Best for: People looking for a stunning table with room for everyone around it.


4. Santiago 6 Seat Oval Rattan Firepit Dining Set

Rattan garden furniture is one of the most desirable and popular outdoor furniture materials. Its appearance is both classic and modern, while it’s highly practical for outdoor use.

The Santiago 6 Seat Rattan Oval Dining Set with a firepit is ideal for small to medium-sized patios or gardens. Unlike other manufacturers, we use our signature half and full-rounded rattan entwined with our powder-coated aluminium frames. This is a stylish, sleek and durable construction, and much more quality than the flat weave which other manufacturers use.

The Santiago comes with 6 beautifully designed and crafted chairs, with high-quality reflex foam cushions. Plus, it has a firepit to help keep you, your friends and your family cosy even after the sun goes down. 

Seats: 6

Material: Synthetic rattan

Reasons to buy: 

  • Small footprint, while still having room for everyone
  • Firepit to keep cosy 

Best for: Small to medium spaces that want a firepit included.

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    The best garden sofa sets…

    Garden sofa sets are an ideal way to completely transform your garden space into a warm, welcoming and relaxing space. At Harbour Lifestyle, we offer a range of sofa set materials including wood, aluminium and rattan. They are all built to last and look stylish year after year.

    So let’s look at some of our favourites…


    1. Santiago Rattan Sofa Dining Set - With Rising Firepit Table - White Wash

    The Santiago Rattan Sofa Dining Set with firepit is an ideal choice for a patio, garden and decking area. It includes a large 3-seat sofa, with two additional armchairs and a bench. Room for everyone to relax in your outdoor space. Plus, the firepit is perfect for keeping your cost post-sunset, allowing you to take advantage of those long summer evenings.

    The Santiago sofa dining set is the perfect combination, a sofa set to relax and a casual dining table to encourage alfresco dining.

    Seats: 5

    Material: Powder-coated aluminium frame, and synthetic rattan

    Reasons to buy:

    • Great for casual dining and relaxing
    • Central firepit for keeping cosy

    Best for: Great for creating a combined dining and relaxing area with a firepit


    2. Cordoba Aluminium & Teak 2 Seat Sofa Set

    If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish and minimalist sofa set then the Cordoba aluminium and teak 2-seat sofa set is the ideal choice. It’s exclusive to Harbour Lifestyle, and its aluminium frame has been handcrafted to create a contemporary yet comfortable design.

    The stunning teak coffee table creates a focal point, and the thick, luxurious cushions ensure you and your guests will want to lounge about for hours on end.

    Seats: 4

    Material: All-weather aluminium frame, teak and showerproof cushions

    Reasons to buy:

    • Modern, sleek and minimalist aesthetic
    • Stunning teak table that creates focal point

    Best for: Minimalist gardens with an industrial aesthetic


    3. Bay Large Corner Sofa Group & Coffee Table with 4 waist pillows

    If creating an indoor-outdoor living space is on your to-do list, then this large outdoor corner sofa is a must-have. 

    Our modern Bay Corner Group sofa combines style and sophistication and exudes luxury. But, it’s also immensely comfortable with low, deep seats, and will be the location of a lot of outdoor lounging for all your friends and family (or just stretching our reading by yourself). 

    This corner sofa is definitely a show-stopper, and will really create a stunning garden aesthetic. It’s got a pretty big footprint so it will definitely be more suitable for larger outdoor spaces. If you want to go for something even bigger then this large corner sofa is a great option.

    Seats: 6

    Material: All-weather aluminium frame, teak and shower poof cushions

    Reasons to buy:

    • Stunning, sophisticated focal point
    • Create an indoor-outdoor living space
    • Luxurious and immensely comfortable

    Best for: Expand your indoor-living space to your outdoor space


    4. Monterrey 3 Seat Sofa Set - Thin Rope Weave

    The Monterrey is another rope wave set, but this time in the form of a sofa set. It’s ideal for relaxing and casual dining, and will complement any outdoor space, but is particularly suitable for areas will less space due to its small footprint.

    The Harbour Lifestyle Monterrey contains one 3-seat sofa and two separate armchairs. The set is made from a robust aluminium frame entwined with a hydrophobic thin rope weave, and a dining table with an easy-to-clean ceramic glass top. You can opt for the smaller 2-seat sofa set if you have less room to work with.

    Seats: 5

    Material: All-weather aluminium frame, rope weave

    Reasons to buy:

    • Beautiful, stylish rope weave design
    • Perfect for relaxing and casual dining

    Best for: Small to medium-sized garden, with a modern aesthetic


    The best outdoor bar sets…

    Elevate your hosting game with charming bar sets, and emulate your favourite bar. Whether you are entertaining or simply lounging outdoors, a garden bar is a stylish and functional addition to any home.

    Harbour Lifestyle has a set for every garden. Browse our collection today and give your garden an instant makeover.


    1. Regal 6 Seat Rectangular Bar Set

    Evenings with friends never looked so good…

    The Regal 6-seat bar set is the perfect blend of opulence and stylish design, with quilting on the outside which simply oozes contemporary design. If this size isn’t quite right then there is a four-seater and eight-seater option, depending on the space you have (and how many friends). 

    Seats: 6

    Material: Aluminium frame, regal fabric 

    Reasons to buy:

    • Create stunning outdoor bar area
    • Durable, and can be kept out in all weather conditions

    Best for: People who want to bring the party outside


    The best outdoor loungers and daybeds…

    Sit back, relax and bask in the sun with our luxurious and stylish collection of sun loungers and daybeds. Our range includes reclining sun loungers as well as complete sets with side tables and will suit any space. 


    1. Monaco Padded Sunlounger 

    Looking for a compact sunlounger for one?

    The Monaco padded sunlounger is exclusive to Harbour Lifestyle and is perfect for a small space. The aluminium powder coating, alongside the tear-resistant fabric, means this little sunlounger packs a punch and is very durable. The sunlounger has two wheels at the back of the lounger, which makes it easy to transport or store when not in use.

    Seats: 1

    Material: Aluminium and Textilene

    Reasons to buy: 

    • Minimalist
    • Low-cost

    Best for: A small garden, with a limited budget looking for a simple daybed


    2. Pacific Lifestyle - Slate Grey Bermuda Day Bed

    Want to feel like you are on holiday?

    Have your very own holiday daybed with the Pacific Lifestyle, which brings the beach bar to your own home. Its handy space-saving design consists of a swivel mechanism that allows half of the base to be enclosed within the other. Ideal if you don’t have loads of room in your garden. Plus all the cushions are season-proof and fire retardant; further ensuring that all details of this set are of the highest quality.

    Seats: 2

    Materials: Aluminium and synthetic weave

    Reasons to buy:

    • Space-saving design for easy storage
    • Spacious design, emulating holiday beach-club daybeds

    Best for: People who want something that packs away, but is spacious when in use


    3. Panama 3 Seat Sofa with Sun lounger feature

    Looking for a modern, industrial day-bed?

    Panama 3-seat sofa with a sun lounger. This is one of our best-sellers and with good reason as it doubles up as a sofa if you fancy sitting, or a daybed. Despite the fact that it’s made for enjoying the sun, we’re also very aware that the UK weather doesn’t always play ball. So, the frame is made using rust-proof and ultra-resilient aluminium. It’s topped off by beautiful and luxurious cushions made from spun polyester that is resistant to UV rays and water repellant. 

    Seats: 1-3

    Materials: Aluminium and polyester

    Reasons to buy:

    • Sleek design perfect for a contemporary garden
    • Multifunctional (sofa and daybed)

    Best for: People who want a multi-functional day and sofa


    4. Snug with Rising Table - Flanelle & Charcoal

    Looking for something totally unique?

    The Snug with rising table is a true feat of masterful ingenuity and contemporary design.

    Is it a sofa or a daybed?

    Well…it’s both. The individual can be used separately or merged together to create a single cosy daybed. The La Vita fabrics are used by luxury yacht makers that stand up to even the harshest of climates and be left outside all year round.

    Seats: 4

    Material: Aluminium and polyester

    Reasons to buy:

    • Unique design
    • Multi-functional (4 individual or one daybed)

    Best for: Gardens that are contemporary, and want a unique multifunctional design.


    Outdoor garden furniture FAQs…

    Let’s look at some FAQs when it comes to outdoor furniture to help you decide where and what to buy.


    What is the best quality garden furniture?

    Quality is highly linked to durability, and this will vary depending on what materials your outdoor furniture is made from. Durability is a key consideration when it comes to garden furniture, afterall it has to withstand all the UK weather conditions. Luckily, modern design means that there are different options to complement both your style and needs.

    Let’s look at some of the outdoor furniture material options.

    Wood: is a traditional material option, and is often more eco-friendly than synthetic materials. However, the maintenance will be a little more time-consuming, and you’ll need to stain or paint it to prevent rot and mould damage.

    Metal: aluminium is a sleek, stylish and maintenance-free option for garden furniture. It’s extremely durable and easy to care for. Make sure it’s weather resistant or else it might rust if left uncovered outside.

    Synthetic Materials: Synthetic alternatives to traditional materials such as rattan are becoming increasingly common. Not only are they extremely durable, but also low-maintenance and UV resistant. Perfect for outdoor furniture that you want to last year after year.


    When is the best time to buy garden furniture?

    The earlier the better to get prepared for the Summer months and make sure you make the most of the sunshine when it finally arrives.

    However, people in the UK are learning to spend more and more time in their outdoor spaces. So even if you haven't bought your furniture yet there is no need to panic. Especially if you incorporate a firepit into your design, which will allow you to stay cosy even in the colder months.


    Where is the best place to buy garden furniture?

    A quick online search will throw up hundreds of different options for your outdoor furniture. 

    So, how do you know where to buy it?

    Buying quality outdoor furniture will ensure it lasts year after year. Despite the fact that it will likely cost you more upfront, it will save you in the long run.

    To see our complete range of outdoor furniture and find something that suits your design and budget.