22 Garden Screening Ideas: Enhancing Outdoor Privacy in Style

22 Garden Screening Ideas: Enhancing Outdoor Privacy in Style

Your garden, whether sprawling or intimate, should serve as a sanctuary from the demands of modern life — a place where you can completely relax and immerse yourself in nature. However, if you have a home near a road, close to a neighbour’s house, or in an urban area, you know that even the most idyllic of outdoor spaces can sometimes lack a crucial element, privacy.

The delicate balance between open-air freedom and a sense of seclusion is a common challenge that homeowners face. The solution, however, is not to compromise one for the other. With the help of these garden screening ideas, you can combine privacy and style to create a harmonious oasis.

Read on to learn how to create privacy in your garden and block unsightly areas from view. We’ll throw in a few garden furniture ideas to enhance the privacy of your space as well. 


1. Choose a Pergola With Side Shades

PergoSTET 3m x 4m Rectangular Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in White - £3,999.00


Want the ultimate combination of privacy and outdoor shade? Pergolas with side shades instantly upgrade any garden by adding a secluded seating area with an adjustable level of privacy. 

Just pull down the side shades to create your desired level of shade and seclusion. This makes for an ultra-customizable modern garden screening solution for an enclosed space. Other modern pergola ideas include pergola heaters, covered outdoor kitchens, cosy corner nooks, climbing pergola plants, and open-air dining spaces.


2. Cultivate a Living Wall

Kalama 8 Seat Rectangular Dining Set with Teak Table in Green - £2,399


A living wall is a vertical arrangement of plants that can act as a lush garden privacy screen. This vertical garden screen can help improve air quality and the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. It’s also an excellent garden shade idea. Some great plants for living walls include vines like climbing rose, wisteria, and hydrangea.


3. Consider a Cantilever Parasol

Eros 2.4m x 3.3m Rectangular Cantilever Parasol in Beige - £489.00

Not only does a cantilever parasol protect you from the summer sun, but it’s also a great way to conceal you from prying eyes looking down on you whilst sitting outdoors. Perfect for garden courtyards, keep yourself cool and out of sight.


4. Screen the Poolside

Monterrey Deluxe Square Rope Corner Dining Set with Rising Table in Grey - £3,499


For a garden with a pool, privacy is an absolute must. Hedges are perfect for creating a serene and secluded pool environment. Instead of relying on a fence around your swimming space, consider planting tall hedges or shrubs to integrate the area with nature.


5. Nurture Flowering Shrubs

Palma 8 Seat Rope Extending Teak Dining Set in Grey - £3,599


Flowers are often overlooked in garden screening ideas. However, sometimes, adding a row of large flowering shrubs can be just the thing your garden needs. Select your shrubs based on your desired colour, height, and blooming season. You’ll create a vibrant, ever-changing screening solution. 

Whilst most people think of trellises as their only option for planter screen ideas, consider that you can also opt for tall planters to add privacy to your garden. While the shrubs will require regular care, you’ll get the benefits of both a colourful garden and added seclusion for your space.


6. Go Contemporary With Glass

Luna 8 Seat Outdoor Fabric Oval Dining Set in Grey - £2,499.00


Want to incorporate a modern and sleek aesthetic into your garden? A glass wall won’t add much in the way of privacy, but combined with a hedge or tall ornamental grasses, it can elevate the style of any garden. 

A glass partition will create a balance of transparency and seclusion while sectioning off an area for a specific purpose. For example, this could become your dining or seating area.


7. Layer your garden with stone retaining walls

Glow Challenger T2 3m Square Cantilever Parasol in Grey - £725


If you enjoy a rustic, adventurous look, experiment with natural stones. A stone retaining wall is a great way to transition between multiple ground levels and create some privacy in the garden. Fieldstones and flagstones are common stones used for this type of structure. 


8. Cover Up Unsightly Areas

Yosemite 3 Seat Sofa Set In Glacier - £2,599

Perhaps you already have a wall that achieves garden privacy on your patio or covered deck. However, what if the wall just doesn’t fit with your vision? You can easily conceal unattractive walls in your garden with lush vegetation. That way, you’ll transform unsightly or boring barriers into lush green backdrops. Choose tall-growing plants, flowers, or small trees that will thrive in your area.


9. Create Outdoor Zones

Palma 8 Seat Rope Rectangular Teak Firepit Dining Set in Grey - £4,499


We’re big fans of creating designated “zones” in the garden. Even a small garden can benefit from zoning off a lounge area, dining area, and outdoor kitchen space

Garden screens and partial walls are excellent tools to aid in zone creation. Use walls or screens of tiered height to create the suggestion of zones. Place them strategically throughout the garden so as to lead a guest intuitively through the space. Make sure that when viewed head-on, everything still remains accessible and open.


10. Paint Your Fence White

Santiago Deluxe Square Rattan Corner Dining Set with Rising Firepit Table in Grey - £2,599.00


White fences have a timeless appeal in garden design. This classic addition to your garden will enhance your privacy while looking crisp and clean. A white fence can also compliment other garden elements, such as dark furniture, through contrast. Though white garden screens may require more cleaning and yearly maintenance to remain pristine, the striking look is often worth the work. 


11. Make a Statement With a Black Screen

Slate Grey Barbados Square Corner Seating Set with Ceramic Top - £2,779.00


A black fence is one way to introduce a bold design choice in your garden. This modern colour will contrast well with surrounding greenery, enhance curb appeal, and add a level of sophistication to the entire space. 

If you paint a fence black or charcoal grey, there are some ways to make the space complement that choice. For example, consider charcoal-coloured paving stones and/or grey rope furniture. Not everything has to be dark, though. Introduce lighter colours with scatter cushions, outdoor rugs, parasol canopies, and blankets.


12.  Make Use of Ivy

Brighton 6 Seat Round Dining with Glass Topped Table and Parasol with Base in Light Brown - £4,885.00

Ivy is another choice for natural and organic screening. By training ivy to grow up your wall, fence, or garden privacy screen, you’ll achieve a charming, whimsical look. 

This evergreen pairs well with upscale dining sets and outdoor materials that have a classic appeal, like rattan. If you choose an ivy wall, you’ll just need to make sure to regularly maintain the ivy to prevent invasive growth.


13. Make Use of A Versatile Trellis

Palma 8 Seat Rope Extending Dining Set in Grey - £3,299

Trellises are popular small garden privacy ideas for a reason: they make great, low-cost and low-effort garden partitions. Use a trellis to create space for a vertical garden that will add privacy and cover up unsightly areas like worn-down sheds or outdated fences. You can choose to make your trellis a home for vines or other climbing plants. Or, you can attach pots to the trellis and let your plants spill down the sides of the structure. This can help to add texture and dimension to your walls.


14. Enhance a Brick Wall

Cosiburner Build Up inc Glass - £555.00

A brick wall can serve as an excellent garden privacy screen for an outdoor dining table or sofa set. With timeless and rustic charm, a brick wall can be a long-lasting shield against prying eyes. 

Utilising this structure will ensure you have long-lasting privacy, requiring minimal maintenance while enduring the tests of time and weather. You can enhance the look of a brick wall with climbing plants, mirrors, and art. Turning it into a true feature wall.


15.  Prune Some Hedges

Monterrey Rope Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Table in Grey (Left Hand) - £2,999

If you’re on the hunt for natural-looking garden divider ideas, don’t forget the power of a classic hedge, as they make versatile garden screens. Use privacy hedges to create either tall barriers or short dividers. Choose between a neat square look and a more artful sculptural design. 

To avoid the maintenance and upkeep of a natural hedge, artificial hedge screens are another option.


16. Embrace Modern Screens

Palma U Shape Rope Sofa Set with Rising Table in Grey - £4,299.00


Modern privacy screens can help you achieve privacy without compromising on style. Garden screens with clean lines and minimalistic elements are some examples. Glass and metal are examples of materials that achieve a more modern look. Consider neutral colours like black, white, and beige. 


17.  Make the Wall a Design Feature

Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric 3000W in Black - £1,085.00


A garden privacy wall doesn’t need to be an eyesore. With a little creativity, you can turn walls into artistic elements in your garden. You can integrate design features that match your style and resonate with your vision for the space through trailing vines, mosaics, murals, and other embellishments.


18. Mix and Match Screen Materials

Quadrilateral Patio Heater in Black - £479.00


With so many fence screening ideas out there, why not mix and match fence and screen materials? Pair the timeless elegance of a classic wooden fence at one end of the garden with a more modern metal fence in another area. Or, blend classic fences with the surrounding architecture and stone walls. 


19. Opt for a Minimalist Wall

Glow Challenger T2 3m Square Cantilever Parasol in Anthracite - £725


If simplicity is more your style, there’s no need to adorn your privacy screen with a smattering of design elements. A plain privacy screen comes with its own beauty, letting the space breathe and allowing the garden to stand on its own. 

With a minimalist screen, you’ll create a serene and uncluttered garden space. The garden furniture and other design features will become the stars of the show.


20. Use Existing Structures

Quay 4 Seat Rectangular Bar Set In Linen - £1,199.00

Use existing architectural elements of your house or patio design for screening. For example, place your garden furniture against walls, pillars, and other structures that help define the space. Harmonise the architecture with the overall garden theme by choosing garden furniture that integrates well with the existing architectural style.


21. Set Up a Slatted Screen

Triton 3m Round Aluminium Parasol in Khaki - £94.99

A wood-slatted privacy screen can help you cover and shade your garden seating area while maximising the space with a vertical gardening solution. You can easily place wall-mounted planters, hanging plants, and climbing plants on the screen. Plus, you can choose a wood colour that matches your outdoor table, sofa, or coffee table.


22. Design a Sunken Garden

Newport Large Corner Group Set with Teak Table in White - £1,799.00


A fence, rock wall, or garden screen can also aid in the design of a sunken garden or recessed seating area in your outdoor space. This can add a whole new level of seclusion and make you feel like you’re spending time in a truly private oasis. The sunken area can house a seating space, pool, or flower garden.


Embrace All the Possibilities of Garden Screening

We hope these garden screening and privacy ideas will help inspire your outdoor living area. Make sure to choose the garden screening solution that matches both your aesthetic and the needs of your space. In no time at all, you’re sure to transform your garden into a balanced, stylish sanctuary that prioritises both privacy and elegance. 

Harbour Lifestyle is here to help you create the luxurious, modern garden of your dreams. Explore our luxury pergolas, garden parasols and additional shade solutions for even more garden privacy ideas.