14 Stylish Garden Seating Ideas for Your Perfect Summer Sanctuary

14 Stylish Garden Seating Ideas for Your Perfect Summer Sanctuary

With warm weather approaching, you may be eager to spend more time in your garden. To do that, you’ll need just the right garden seating arrangement. Whether it’s a private reading nook or a big social space you’re after, you’ll need some modern garden seating ideas to help shape your vision and bring it to life. 

Maybe your existing seating area is in desperate need of an upgrade, or maybe you’re starting from scratch. Either way, you probably know that a seating space makes a big difference in your garden. 

A lush sofa or a modern casual dining set on the patio not only serves as a restful getaway from the hustle and bustle of life, it also creates an eye-catching focal point in your outdoor space. So how do you choose the right setup? Everything depends on what you want to do with the space. Since seeing examples is always helpful when it comes to design, we’ve compiled a list of 14 inspirational garden seating ideas below. 

1. Kick Back on a Daybed


Bermuda Daybed in Grey

Consider a daybed if you want an ultra-cosy addition to your outdoor seating area. The best part about a daybed is that it’s multifunctional. You can recline, nap, or sit and enjoy drinks with friends. 

If your garden doesn’t already offer protection from the sun, make sure to look for a daybed with an adjustable sunshade. It’s also essential to find one made with weatherproof fabric and durable material, like rattanThat way you'll be assured it can withstand the elements. 

2. Cover the Seating Area in Style

3x4m Pergola in grey


Do you already have a great seating arrangement and want to add a more exciting touch? There are plenty of covered garden seating ideas to consider. For example, you can go with a parasol for umbrella shading. Or, for even more upscale sheltered garden seating, consider a pergola.

A luxury pergola is a structure that offers added privacy to your seating area and protects you from the sun. Modern pergolas even include features like customizable LED mood lighting to create a fun atmosphere and keep the party going late into the night. 

To find out more, take a look at our guide on 'Modern Pergola ideas'

3. Relax in a Hanging Chair

Globo double in grey


Another unique seating option is a hanging chairIn a round egg chair or swinging lounger, you’ll be able to gently sway back and forth for ultimate relaxation. You can find swinging chairs that cater for one or two people sitting. No matter what kind of hanging chair you choose, it’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind piece that will draw the eye in your garden. 

4. Nestle Into a Corner Sofa

Panama large corner group set in charcoal

Panama Luxury Outdoor Large Corner Group Set in Charcoal

A corner group sofa is one of the most popular garden furniture ideasA corner sofa helps you create a comfortable, stylish, and inviting outdoor living room. 

Perfect for a patio, poolside, or seating area in the garden, a corner sofa will encourage people to gather and lounge. Make sure to pair your sofa with a stylish coffee tableDon't forget the end tables either, choosing ones made from durable materials like aluminium or FSC teak is a good idea.


5. Enjoy an Intimate Bistro Setup

Antiqua Bistro Set with Ceramic Top in Stone Grey

Antiqua Bistro Set with Ceramic Top in Stone Grey

Are you on the hunt for small garden seating area ideas? A bistro table is an ideal choice. 

A bistro table is a round table that usually seats two to four people. This cafe-style seating option is perfect for a more intimate space like a courtyard. So if your garden is on the smaller side, don’t feel left out. This option will ensure you can still enjoy a delicious brunch in a stylish outdoor seating area.  


6. Dine Around a Tabletop Firepit

Monterrey 8 seat firepit dining set

Monterrey 8 Seat Rectangular Teak Firepit Dining Set

A modern fire pit is an elegant and upscale touch for any garden. If the idea of a fire pit interests you, good news: there are tons of firepit seating ideas out there. Above, the firepit is integrated into the dining table. However, you can also go for a freestanding firepit or firepit bartop.

But what types of seats should go around a firepit? Surrounding your firepit with rope garden seating like the chairs above will give the whole setup a more relaxed, comfortable feel. 

7. Take a Seat at the Bar

Palma 6 seat teak firepit bar set

Palma 6 Seat Firepit Teak Bar Set

Don’t worry, we’re not done with garden dining area ideas. For a trendy patio or deck seating idea, opt for an outdoor bar set.

A high table and comfortable bar stools will give your patio an upscale, luxurious look. Fill an empty corner with a bar set or add it as another entertainment area to complement the main seating space. A bar also lends itself to entertaining, so this seating option is a huge draw-in for guests. 

8. Stand Out With Built-In Garden Seating


Built in garden seating

Photo by Matheus Bertelli

A built-in corner sofa or garden bench creates a charming, modern seating nook. Add cushions to make the corner even more comfortable. 

Though it might be more time-consuming to install built-in seating, the result will be cosy and visually interesting. You can opt for a wooden bench built 

 into the deck or even a sculptural, stone sofa. With the seating integrated into your patio or deck, everything is sure to look uniform. Plus, built-in seating will undoubtedly make your space stand out. 


9. Enhance the Garden With a Bench


Antique wooden bench

Richmond Antique Wood Bench with Pop Up Table in Antique Grey

Is there an area of your garden that looks oddly empty? Perhaps there’s a small space that could use just a little something to complete the whole look. If so, consider a simple garden benchThere are plenty of fun garden bench ideas to choose from. 

For an antique look, go for a stone bench. For something more ornate, there’s always wrought iron. A wooden bench is timeless and will create a quaint seating area in the garden. A painted bench can add a pop of colour wherever you want to make a statement. 

10. Put Your Feet Up On a Lounger

Luna Outdoor Fabric Sun Lounger

Luna Outdoor Fabric Double Sun Lounger

Longing to lie by the pool and soak up the sun? A one or two-person sun lounger can transform your yard into a relaxing resort. Bring a book or refreshing drink to sip on, and it’ll feel like you’re on holiday.

Make sure to choose loungers made with durable outdoor fabric that’s built to last. That way, the fabric won’t fade in the sun or degrade with the changing of the seasons. 

11. Design With Natural Materials

Lavenham Corner Sofa Set in Linen

Lavenham Corner Sofa Set in Linen

If you want garden seating that’s good for the environment and looks great in nature, opt for natural and sustainable materials. For example, bamboo is slightly rustic-looking but still feels luxurious. FSC teak is hardy, beautiful, and sustainably sourced. Eucalyptus wood, shown above, is another stylish wooden garden seating idea that marries sophistication and sustainability.

12. Go Eclectic With Pouffes and Floor Cushions


floral floor cushion

Acrisol Bouquet Floor Cushion

Tired of chairs and sofas? Alternative garden furniture includes soft seating options like pouffes, ottomans, and floor cushions.

Pouffes can add some playful fun and colour to a space, while ottomans can double as coffee tables or footstools. Floor cushions offer plush additional seating for those who don’t mind sitting low to the ground. 

You can place these seating alternatives alongside your larger sectional sofa. Or, use them as your primary seating options for a small corner garden. If you choose to include them, they’ll contribute to an eclectic and laid-back design style.

13. Create an Outdoor Dining Room

Palma 10 seat extending teak dining set

Palma 10 Seat Rope Extending Teak Dining Set in Grey

It’s common advice to create an outdoor living room in your garden with sofas and tables. But what about an outdoor dining room? 

A large dining set will help you entertain friends and encourage your family to dine outside. This popular patio seating idea makes it easy to host summer birthday parties and starlit meals alike. There are tons of outdoor dining set styles to choose from to match your unique style.

To make the space feel even more like an outdoor dining room, invest in elegant details for the table, like plants and candles. An outdoor rug can also help tie the space together. 

14. Establish a Colour Scheme


Ibiza corner sofa in anthracite

Ibiza Corner Group Set with Teak Tables in Anthracite

When your seating set creates a focal point in your garden, you’ll certainly want to think about colour. What will your colour scheme be, and how will you establish it?

One option is to choose brightly-coloured furniture. You can also give upcycled furniture a new life by repainting old chairs to match your theme. Another popular option is to choose neutral-coloured seating and establish your colour theme with accent pillows, outdoor rugs, vases, and other details. 

For a calming effect, opt for blues and greens. To stand out with a cheerful look, consider yellows and oranges. If you have blooming flowers, choose accents that complement them. For example, indigo accent pillows will integrate beautifully with blue-purple hydrangeas.

When it comes to outdoor seating, don't default to plastic lawn chairs. Take these garden seating area ideas and try to imagine them in your little slice of heaven. 

Which one speaks to you the most? Designing your garden is all about personalization. You want to create a space that feels meaningful and useful to you and your family. Hopefully, these ideas for outdoor seating areas will help you design the perfect oasis right outside your door.