Illuminate Your Garden: 20 Garden Solar Light Ideas For Every Garden

Illuminate Your Garden: 20 Garden Solar Light Ideas For Every Garden

As more people look for more sustainable and aesthetic ways to enhance their outdoor spaces, garden solar light ideas are a popular and eco-friendly outdoor lighting option. But are solar garden lights worth it? UK garden solar lighting ideas provide a simple yet effective way to illuminate driveways, gardens, and patios without the hassle of a cord or ongoing energy costs. From pathway lights that guide your steps to decorative lanterns that add a magical touch to any al fresco gathering, these eco-friendly gems can transform your garden into a beautifully lit oasis. 

Unearth the potential of solar garden light ideas with Harbour Lifestyle. This article will help you light up your outdoor space with style and sustainability and discover what solar garden lights are best for your garden. 


How do garden solar lights work?

UK garden solar lighting ideas are environmentally friendly lights that can illuminate your outdoors using solar power. They feature solar panels and work by converting sunlight into electric energy, which is then stored in a rechargeable battery. As daylight fades, a sensor activates the LED bulb, which uses the stored energy to light up when it gets dark, illuminating your garden without wasting any energy during the day.  


20 garden solar light ideas


1. Solar string lights 

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Drape solar string lights over shrubs, along fences or around pergolas or patio edges for a whimsical ambience. 

Illuminate your evenings with a festive glow that’s tailored to your style. With a variety of bulb shapes and colours to choose from, you can match the lights to the unique character of your garden or the theme of your event. Solar string lights are the perfect choice for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in any outdoor space.


2. Solar table lamps

Bob Large Table Light in Charcoal - £69.99


Solar table lamps are a great addition to outdoor dining areas and patios. These portable lights offer a practical, stylish solution for illuminating evening meals or late-night outdoor reading sessions. Look for lamps with adjustable brightness settings for different occasions.


3. Solar lanterns

Luxor Small Table Outdoor and Indoor Solar Lantern In Charcoal £79.00

Illuminate your garden by hanging solar lanterns from tree branches, attaching them to the outside of your property or placing them along your pathways. 

These lanterns come in various styles, including ornate Moroccan and Asian-inspired designs. They cast stunning and unique patterns of light and are perfect for adding decorative accents and functional lighting to garden paths, entrances, or cosy outdoor corners. 


4. Solar party lights

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When deciding which solar garden lights to choose, solar party lights are a fun option for celebrating special occasions. Available in multi-coloured or themed designs, like globes or stars, they can instantly elevate the mood of any gathering. Hang them across open areas or around a patio or decking dancing floor to create a festive outdoor party space. 


5. Solar lighting around a garden swing


 Lima Deluxe Aluminium Swing Seat in Latte - £2,199


Swings aren’t just for kids. Add warm solar fairy lights around a garden swing to create a romantic and tranquil outdoor spot to relax and escape to in the evenings. Wrap solar-powered fairy lights around the swing’s frame and drape them through any surrounding foliage to create a starlit canopy. 

Consider adding a few solar-powered lanterns to create an illuminated path leading up to the swing for aesthetic appeal and safety by improving visibility at night. 


6. Solar pendant lighting

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For an eye-catching addition to your garden, suspend a solar pendant light from your pergola to cast a soft glow over your outdoor dining or seating area. Pendant lights often feature decorative designs, such as geometric or floral patterns, and are great for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere for al fresco dining spots. If flexibility is important to you, choose a pendant light with an adjustable length cord to vary the height based on your desired look and ambience. 


7. Illuminate a patio area

Cosiscoop Pillar Lantern in Black - £449.99


Strategically place a combination of solar path lanterns and spotlights around your patio to brighten the area. Path lights will outline the perimeter, while spotlights will highlight and show off special features like a water fountain or sculpture. It’s an elegant way to ensure not only visibility in the dark but also enhance the beauty of your patio, making it perfect for social gatherings or relaxing solo. 


8. Garden solar wall lighting

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Install solar wall lighting along the borders of your garden or on the walls of your home to add depth and dimension to the space. These UK garden solar lighting ideas can be used to accent architectural features or illuminate walking areas for added safety when you feel like taking a quiet moment outside in the evening or are simply putting out the bins. 


9. Solar sconces

Myosotis Metal Chimney Wall Light in Brushed Steel - £39.99


Mount solar sconces next to doorways or along the garden shed for targeted lighting that enhances security and visibility. These fixtures are a classic and come in a wide range of styles with decorative elements ranging from modern sleek to rustic charm, meaning you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

They are perfect for doorways and smaller outdoor nooks, offering a welcoming light without the need for complicated electrical wiring. 

9. Garden solar floor lighting

Luxor Floor Outdoor and Indoor Solar Lantern In Teak - £125


Embed solar floor lights into your decking or along your garden walkway to create a well-lit path, or use them to highlight key features of your garden, like your favourite blooms.

Don’t worry, they’re perfectly fine to walk over. In fact, they’re specially designed for it, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas. They’re also pretty handy for defining spaces and creating boundaries in open garden areas.


10. Large globe solar garden lights

White Outdoor and Indoor Ball Floor Lamp 45cm - £149.99


Eye-catching large globe lights will add a stylish, designer look to any outdoor landscape. Great for placing along pathways, patios or nestled among plants, they offer a soft, diffused light that shows off your garden’s natural beauty. 

They can be installed anywhere in your outdoor space quickly and easily to add dimension, create focal points, or softly illuminate gathering areas, giving your space an almost otherworldly feel. 


11. Solar LEDs

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Compact and versatile, solar LEDs are small but powerful lights that can highlight garden borders, separate certain areas, accentuate features, or provide gentle illumination. 

They come in various colours and settings, allowing you to get creative with your ambience and set the theme of your outdoor space depending on your mood. 


12. Solar light strips

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Add a touch of twinkly colour to your garden with solar light strips. Easy to install, they can be added virtually anywhere, including decking, sheds, pergolas and garden furniture for a sleek, contemporary look. 

Just make sure you pick weatherproof light strips for a durable and versatile outdoor lighting solution.

13. Pathway solar lighting

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Which solar garden lights you choose can have practical functionality too. Illuminate your pathways with solar lights to enhance safety when moving around your garden when the sun goes down. From classic lantern styles to more modern minimalist designs, these lights can be matched to any garden setting. Position them along the sides of your pathways to cast a welcoming glow that invites you to stay and explore your garden even when the sun sets.

14. Illuminate your garden at night

Glow Challenger T2 3m Square Cantilever Parasol in Grey - £649.99

Transform your garden into a night time wonderland with the strategic placement of various solar lights. Understated and stylish, combine spotlights to highlight trees and shrubs, fairy lights in bushes for a sparkling effect and outdoor wall lights to lounge and entertain guests in your garden long into the night. 


15. Decking solar lights

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Update your decking by integrating solar lights to create a sophisticated and functional outdoor area. The ideal finishing touch to your decking, they're easy to install and sit flush to the surface of your deck to provide a cosy ambience without any obstruction.

They're also perfectly safe to walk on and will add a warm glow to all of your evening gatherings. Choose from various styles and varying levels of brightness to ensure they meet your lighting needs.


16. Solar ground lights

Bob Small Table Light in Charcoal (3 Pack) - £119.99

Solar ground lights are an excellent choice for subtly and effectively illuminating garden beds and driveways for safe and easy parking. 

Available in various styles, they cast a gentle light upwards and are a quick and easy way to add light to the areas you need most. Great for creating a soft border, they’ll enhance the natural beauty of your garden without overpowering it. 

17. Light up a walkway

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Use solar-powered lights to define the walkway in your garden. Position the lights on either side of the path, ensuring they're evenly spaced, to safely guide visitors in the dark. 

To add a decorative touch, you can choose styles to complement your home's aesthetic — whether that's elegant post lights for a more traditional look or sleek fixtures for a modern walkway design. 


18. Hanging solar lanterns 

Höfats SPIN 120 Hanging Fire in Silver - £159

Hanging solar lanterns are the ideal decorative addition to any outdoor space. These can be suspended from nearly anywhere, including trees, pergolas and hooks, to cast a gorgeous garden glow. They are great to instantly brighten summer evenings while reducing your energy consumption. 

Perfect for any occasion, try mixing and matching lantern sizes and styles for a unique look that will instantly transform your garden. 


How to light your garden with solar lights: what you need to consider


Where to put solar lights in your garden 

Luxor Large Floor Outdoor and Indoor Solar Lantern in Charcoal - £99


Where you place your solar lights is crucial for maximising their efficiency. Consider the sun’s path throughout the day and position your lights accordingly, especially in pathways, dining areas and other social spaces.

Ensure that each light is positioned in an area that receives lots of sunlight during the day, as shadows from trees or buildings can significantly hinder their charging capabilities. 


Design aesthetic

Bob Large Table Light in Charcoal  £69.99


Choose solar lights that complement the style of your garden and home. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek, modern look or a more traditional, rustic charm, your solar lights should align with your garden’s overall aesthetic. This enhances visual appeal and ensures your lights are an integrated part of your outdoor design. 


Bob Small Table Light in Sand (3 Pack) - £119.99


For safety and longevity, make sure your solar lights are suitable for all weather conditions. Look for waterproof or weather-resistant lights to avoid damage from rain, snow, frost, or sprinkler systems. This is especially important for lights placed close to the ground or in more exposed areas.

Solar light brightness and durability

Luxor Small Table Outdoor and Indoor Solar Lantern In Charcoal - £79

Brightness is measured in lumens, which account for the total output of light from a source. Before choosing your lights, you’ll want to consider the needs of the area you want to light. 

For instance, pathways might require less intense light than a gathering area and vice versa, depending on your needs. You should also ensure that your solar lights are high-quality with a good battery type, solar panel, and bulb to provide optimal brightness. 


How you want to use the space

PergoSTET 3m x 4m Rectangular Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in Grey - £3,999

Luna Outdoor Fabric Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Firepit Table in Oyster Grey (Right Hand) - £3,999


When choosing your lights, consider the main function of each area in your garden. For example, brighter lights may be needed in dining or seating areas, while softer, ambient lighting might be better suited for relaxing lounging spaces. 


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For hassle-free setup and maintenance, you’ll also have to consider how each type of solar light is installed. 

Some will need to be staked into the ground, while others can be mounted on surfaces or hung up. Solar lights are generally easy to install but might require professional assistance if you want to install them into your decking or garden walls.



Luna Outdoor Fabric Sun Lounger in Grey - £799

Your budget will naturally influence your lighting choices. While solar lights generally save on long-term costs associated with energy use, the initial investment varies widely based on the type, style, and quality. Consider purchasing the best quality you can afford to save money in the long run and avoid frequent replacements.

What are the cons of solar-powered garden lights?

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While solar-powered garden lights provide many benefits, they also have a few drawbacks. As they are powered by sunlight, they might not be effective in shaded areas or during cloudy weather, especially in the winter

Cheaper models may also have shorter lifespans and lower light output. Plus, the initial cost can be higher than traditional lighting and they might require more frequent battery replacements compared to wire lights.


Conclusion: what are the best solar lights for a garden?

Outdoor solar light ideas are popular and eco-friendly, easily adding ambience to your garden without the hassle and fuss of electrical wiring (or increased energy costs to boot). In this guide, we’ve illuminated the path to finding the perfect solar lights for your garden, blending style with function. The best solar lights for your garden depend on your specific needs, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. 

Whether you need to brighten up a cosy nook, light up your entertainment area for a lively party or improve garden safety by making pathways more visible, investing in high-quality lights will ensure better performance and longer life. Ready to light up your nights? Explore Harbour Lifestyle’s range of dazzling garden solar lights. Catering to various outdoor aesthetics, our top-tier, stylish lighting options are designed to enhance your garden’s beauty and built to withstand the elements, ensuring that your garden shines year-round. 




Are garden solar lights any good?

Garden solar lights are highly effective for adding ambience and improving visibility in outdoor spaces. They are relatively cheap and easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and can be incredibly powerful, offering reliable lighting without high energy costs. 

Should you put solar lights in a garden?

Installing solar lights is a great way to enhance the look and style of your garden, allowing you to enjoy it long after dark. Solar lights can also help increase safety by lighting up pathways and driveways, as well as dining areas, allowing you to host evening al fresco gatherings for family and friends. 


Do you leave solar garden lights on all the time?

Solar garden lights are designed to operate automatically and many will still charge even if they are not turned on. 

Usually, you'll only need to turn them on when installed and the sensors will regulate themselves, although this will depend on your specific solar light. They'll charge during the day and turn on automatically at dusk via their sensors, making them convenient and energy-efficient. 


Are solar garden lights worth it?

Solar garden lights are a great investment for anyone looking to add lighting to their garden without increasing electricity bills. They are cost-effective in the long run, environmentally friendly, and easy to install, offering a practical outdoor lighting solution without the complication of electrical wiring.