Alfresco Cooking with a Twist

Alfresco Cooking with a Twist

Since the pandemic began, the trend of extending your indoor entertaining spaces out into  your garden is set to continue... and with online searches for “outdoor kitchens” up by a huge 600% in the past 30 days, it’s clear the nation is scouring the internet for inspiration on how to achieve this culinary craze.

Look no further! We will let you in on the UK’s most in demand alfresco cooking and dining trends on social media that are set to fire up (literally!) the summer of 2022. From sumptuous social seating options to the best barbecues and fire pits, we have trawled through the Instagram archive to discover the most in-demand designs to get your summer soirees started! Plus, our garden experts reveal Instagram-worthy ideas to make sure your outdoor kitchen is supremely styled and ready to host the whole family or friends for an event to remember.


Flavoursome Fire Pits

Whether your ideal notion of a fire pit is to lounge in the orange glow and socialise, or to whip up delicious hors d'oeuvres before the family BBQ begins, there is no shortage of options available - and with some, you can even do both. Not famed for our particularly warm weather, households around the UK are fond of fire and heating features in its alfresco spaces, so a fire pit is a great multi-purpose option. With 129k posts on Instagram, you won’t be short of inspiration when it comes to searching for your perfect pit!

The modern aesthetics of the Cosipure Teak Fire Pit are sure to stun in any patio space. With its sturdy aluminum frame and stylish teak tabletop, this fire pit is all about keeping you warm so you can keep the storytelling alive and stay outdoors all night long. With a hidden compartment for the 5kg gas bottle, this attractive cuboid fire pit is maintenance free, compact, and powerful. 

If wowing your guests is your goal, then the Santiago Rattan Firepit Dining Set is for you! Comfortably seating up to six people, this chic dining table features a spectacular integrated fire pit that rises in the centre of the table to put on a glowing display for your esteemed guests. A growing trend, following Japanese and Asian cuisines, is to cook at the table – impressing your guests with a gastronomic spectacle without having to leave the party behind. Once you’ve eaten, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the gentle heat from the residual glowing flames as the conversation flows into the evening.


Our Chief Marketing Officer, Joel Garthwaite, dictates;

“It would seem that one of the more positive changes to come out of the pandemic is that our love of socialising has been rekindled. We are used to being at home, spending more time outdoors, and more time with family and friends entertaining. It’s therefore no wonder that we are seeing such an impact in the nation’s outdoor spaces – we want our gardens to be guest ready, especially when it comes to cooking and dining.

“In line with national trends, we’ve seen sales of our fire pits grow exponentially. They are such a great multi-purpose addition to your outdoor living space - providing heat, a beautiful light source, and the ability to cook outdoors. There is a fire pit available for every budget and every size garden – all you need to do is find the one for you.”


Bountiful Barbecues

Barbecues are a constant feature in most gardens, but it seems the trend for 2022 is more the exotic recipes we’ll be cooking, rather than the actual BBQ itself! With over 1.4 million posts on Instagram for Korean Barbecue, and Google searches up a whopping 2700% for “bad and BBQ” - when fiery Texan BBQ meets Taiwanese cuisine – we’re sure the nation will be expanding its flavour horizons and delving into adventurous dishes this summer. Delicious.

If you are in the market for a new barbecue, and you’re looking to achieve the authentic tastes of Korea or Texas, then the way to go may be charcoal grilling. The Kamado Ceramic Grill is perfect for charcoal grilling, and is styled with well-insulated black ceramic walls which can double as an elegant alfresco fireplace when you aren’t whipping up a delicious dish.


Speaking of the switch back to charcoal cooking, Joel says;

“People have had a lot of time to take stock of their lives and the way they live - I think simpler things have become more important as we have discovered how our time is precious. So, evenings around a barbecue can be more drawn out to allow extra time for socialising and creating memories - no need for the speed of cooking on gas!

“We’ve seen lots of amazing home cooks emerge out of lockdown, and flavours are very important to them - so seasoned briquettes and the smokiness that charcoal can add are extremely important to these homemade dishes.”


Pizza Pizzazz

There’s no party like a pizza party. Another popular option for your outdoor kitchen is a pizza oven - and Instagram is awash with examples (21.2k posts). If you have children (or the young at heart) in your family, a pizza oven is sure to be a popular purchase – especially if you’re looking for a great mid-week meal option when time may be at a premium.

If space is short, then a table top pizza oven is a great idea. Acting like a traditional pizza oven, this inventive model comes with a wooden fuel basket that sits inside the oven itself to help speedily make deliciously authentic, homemade pizza from the comfort of your own garden. Toppings at the ready, it’s time to wow your family or guests with a taste of Italy!


Take A Seat

Creating an outdoor kitchen is about far more than just cooking. It’s all about establishing an atmosphere that friends, family, and guests can enjoy within the confines of your alfresco space.

What is for sure, is nobody wants to eat standing up. So, outdoor furniture is essential - especially a dining table and chairs to host your guests. Whether you have a “Chef’s table” set up near to the grill, or a table in a completely different zone of your outdoor space, is a question of personal taste.


Joel Garthwaite comments;

“You need to do your homework when it comes to outdoor dining and decide what type of seating arrangements suit your garden space and needs best. Casual dining sets that are versatile, hardwearing, and aesthetically pleasing are extremely popular with families and group dining. They allow you to adapt to the situation and the number of guests you have if space is at a premium, whilst still keeping your space stylish and sophisticated.

”If you tend to entertain often, and spend extended periods of time outdoors, it is always worth investing in a more durable dining set that can also double as social seating. Aluminium frame sets that include deluxe thick cushions and weatherproof covers ensure your setup can handle whatever the British weather throws at it, and luxurious comfort for any situation you may be hosting.”

So, all that remains now is to keep our fingers crossed for balmy summer evenings - so you can enjoy time outdoors, making memories with your loved ones, and enjoy the delicacies from your own personal outdoor kitchen.