Garden kitchen ideas: outdoor kitchen ideas for every garden…

Garden kitchen ideas: outdoor kitchen ideas for every garden…

Are you looking for some garden kitchen ideas to spruce up your outdoor living space?

Nothing says Summer quite like al fresco dining! Gathering outside with your friends and family, throwing some food on the grill or BBQ. 

And now, you no longer have to pop a BBQ on the slabs outdoor and be done with it. You can design your ideal, fully-functioning outdoor cooking and dining area. A space to help you enjoy outside your home, as well as inside. 

Much like indoor kitchens, there are endless possibilities for outdoor kitchen space, so it’s nice to see what you can include. As well as installing outdoor cooking facilities, there are lots of ways that you can create a space that allows you to eat and relax. No matter the size of your garden you can design and adapt it to suit your space.

So in this blog, we’ll explore some excellent ideas for garden kitchen designs to help you make the most of your outdoor living space.


How to create your ideal outdoor kitchen area?

You should first ask yourself some questions about the outdoor kitchen area. 

Primarily, how often will you use this space, and what will it be used for? 

Answering these questions will help you decide exactly what you want to include in your outdoor space.


1. Outdoor BBQ kitchen…

Of course, the first thing you are going to need for an outdoor kitchen is something to cook your food with.

It’s great having friends and family over, but as the host, you’ll likely end up spending most of your time in the kitchen cooking away from your guests. Creating an outdoor bbq area allows you to socialise while you cook up a storm without leaving the party. 

There are different types of outdoor cooking appliances depending on what type of food you fancy.


Outdoor pizza oven…

Fancy cooking traditional Napoli pizza from the comfort of your own home?

No need to call Pizza Hut when you have your very own outdoor traditional wood-fired pizza oven.

Regardless of the size of your cooking space, you can find a pizza oven then suits your needs. 

Our Fontana Margherita Anthracite Wood Pizza Oven has a large cooking chamber and is ideal for making pizza for the whole family. Or, if you’ve got little space then the Harbour Lifestyle Table Top Outdoor Pizza Oven, is compact and can even be stored away when not in use. 

You’re not just limited to pizza with a pizza oven, you can cook bread and even deserts too.


Garden BBQ area…

Nothing says British Summertime quite like firing up the BBQ for some burgers and sausages. There are a few different outdoor barbeque ideas to suit your style and the space that you’ve got.

We’ve got a range of gas-fired BBQs, ranging from little to large, to suit any size of garden. Gas-powered means they are easy to use, and you’ve not got any charcoal to clear out after use, so they are very low maintenance. These are all portable and can be stored away when you are not using them if you like.

We’ve also got a range of wood-fired, masonry BBQs if you are looking for something a little larger, permanent and more traditional looking. These are perfect for bringing a little bit of the Mediterranean to your UK garden.


Garden grill area…

No garden is complete without a way to grill your meat (or veg). A great way to cook your food fast, with no smoke (if that sort of thing annoys you). 

We offer Kamado BBQ grills, in multiple different sizes. These egg-style grills are inspired by Asian stoves and are extremely versatile - able to cook anything from fish to steak.

You could also install something like our traditional Camp Chef XT 24 Pellet Grill, which delivers smokey, wood-fired flavour to every bite.


2. Covered outdoor kitchen ideas…

As much as we love the sunshine, we have to admit that in the UK a little shelter is going to be necessary. That’s why we recommend that you create a covered area for your outdoor kitchen.



Pergolas are one of our favourite ways to create shelter and a focal point for your garden. It’s a structure with open walls and a slatter or lattice-style roof structure that is used to create a shaded area while still allowing light to stream through. 

Traditionally, they were built with weather-resistant wood, but more recently materials such as vinyl, aluminium, stone and fibreglass have become more popular. 

Not only do pergolas offer shelter, but they are also a way to integrate lighting and climbing plants into your garden, no matter the size. 

Pergolas are a very flexible way of creating a shelter in your garden, especially if you install one with a louvred roof that allows you to have a solid roof or slatted roof depending on the weather.



Garden Gazebos are another way to create shade and shelter for your outdoor kitchen area.

A gazebo is a free-standing outdoor shade structure that is often octagonal or turret-shaped. They usually have a solid roof, with partially open sides to create a sheltered, shaded area.

Gazebos offer 24/7 shade, which is great if you want shelter from the elements. However, it makes them a little less flexible as you can detract the roof (in the same way you can do with some pergolas).


3. Outdoor heating…

Another thing we’re not known for in the UK is our warm weather. Despite what the recent heatwaves would have us thinking it’s always a good idea to install some form of heating in your outdoor kitchen. 

Fire pits are another popular garden or patio addition for their aesthetic and functionality. They are versatile, stylish, practical and look amazing to look at in an outdoor setting. They come in especially handy in the chillier months, after the sun has gone down. 

There are loads of different styles of firepits, that allow you to match your style and the space that you have available.

  • Mediterranean fire-pit
  • Chiminea fire-pit
  • Minimalist firepits

  • You can create a built-in firepit, or freestanding firepit, depending on the space that you have available.

    One of our most popular firepits is our Fire Pit Coffee Table, which is perfect if you want something to double up as a table in your outdoor kitchen. Or, another popular choice if you are looking for something more traditional looking then our Cosi - Cosivista 160 Black Fire Pit is a great option.

    If you’ve got less space, and want to centre your garden kitchen around eating, then a dining table with a built-in firepit might be the best option. It allows you to heat up, while also maximising your space available.

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    4. Create an outdoor seating area…

    You’ll definitely want a place to lounge about while the food is being cooked, and after you’ve stuffed yourself with the BBQ. 

    What you opt for will all be down to the space that you have in your garden kitchen, but there are options for sofa sets, or dining tables (or both).

    If eating is going to be the main focus of the area, then a dining table might be the way to go. We’ve got a wide range of dining sets available, ranging in size and style. There are even dining sets with built-in fire-pits for cooking if you want to all sit around and cook.

    If you want things to be a bit more relaxed, then a sofa set might be the best option. This allows for casual dining, as well as relaxing (potentially around a firepit) after eating.

    Our beautiful corner sofa, with a coffee table, gives you loads of room to relax, or a Rattan dining set with a firepit.

    We’ve got rugs and scatter cushions to create the design aesthetic that you want in your garden kitchen.


    5. Light-up your garden kitchen…

    Outdoor lighting can really transform the overall ambience of your outdoor kitchen. Plus, it’s highly practical, ensuring that you can use your garden kitchen even after the sun sets. 

    There are loads of different, and creative ways to light your garden kitchen, depending on what atmosphere you want to create. From the classic candlelit look to a more modern look, there are multiple options including:

  • Outdoor Candles
  • Hanging lights
  • Lanterns

  • Some of our pergolas even have built-in LED lighting, for a sleek, minimalist look.

    In addition, firepits are an option for adding a little lighting to the space, as well as keeping you cosy at night (or in the Winter).

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    6. Create a garden kitchen bar…

    Of course, what’s a garden party without a few drinks?

    While you’re waiting for food to cook, or once you’ve finished eating your friends and family need a place to sit and sip their perfect tipple. 

    And a charming bar set is the ideal way to emulate your favourite bar. A high table, with elevated stools, allows you to create a dedicated space for whatever the evening has in store. Chatting over cocktails, reminiscing the old days, or playing a game of cards - it’s all possible from a beautiful bar set. 

    We’ve got bar sets for 4, 6 and 8 people, and even have one with a fire pit, if you want to integrate a source of heat and light into your outdoor kitchen too.


    Ready to create your outdoor kitchen?

    They say food is the way to the heart, and an outdoor kitchen is a brilliant way to bring your friends and family together. 

    You can decorate and arrange your outdoor kitchen in various ways, allowing you to create a space that suits your wants and needs.

    Check out our collections, for some cooking and decoration inspiration for your outdoor kitchen.