18 BBQ Area Ideas That Will Upgrade Any Outdoor Space

18 BBQ Area Ideas That Will Upgrade Any Outdoor Space

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, there's no better time to start planning those much-loved, laid-back barbecues with family and friends. After all, what's not to love about the joys of alfresco cookingIf you're a BBQ enthusiast who uses a grill often, you might as well create a dedicated area to show off your cooking skills. 

In this guide, we'll explore 19 stylish BBQ area ideas for every type of outdoor space — from cosy corners and small garden BBQ area ideas to expansive lawns. Whether you're yearning for a chic and modern outdoor kitchen or dreaming of a charming, rustic grilling spot, we've got plenty of inspiration to ignite your creativity. 

So grab your tongs and apron and read on to discover how to elevate your grilling game with Harbour Lifestyle’s garden furniture and accessories. Your garden BBQs will be the envy of the entire neighbourhood. 


What is the point of a BBQ area?

Let's face it — in the UK, sunny days can be few and far between, and even in the summer, they're not guaranteed. That's why UK garden BBQ area ideas can make all the difference, allowing grilling enthusiasts to make the most of every ray of sunshine. A BBQ area in the garden is so much more than just a spot to cook your burgers and sausages. Think of it as a garden centrepiece where you can grill and socialise at the same time. It creates an inviting atmosphere where memories are made over flame-grilled feasts. 

A dedicated BBQ area also extends the living space of your home and is perfect for entertaining. It offers guests a relaxed setting for social gatherings, family dinners and spontaneous get-togethers while you grill away in the background. Plus, it can enhance your garden's aesthetic and functionality, potentially increasing the value of your home — and who wouldn’t say “yes” to that?


19 BBQ area ideas that will upgrade your outdoor space

  1. Add shade with pergola BBQ area ideas

PergoSTET 3m x 4m Rectangular Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in White - £3,999


Summer and barbeques make the perfect pair. However, there's nothing worse than battling the heat of the grill in your face during a heatwave. Plus, hot outdoor temperatures can cause your grill's internal temperature to rise, even without it being on. Stylish pergola BBQ area ideas from Harbour Lifestyle are the perfect solution. They provide essential shade while you cook as well as a big injection of aesthetics to your garden. 

Enhance it with climbing plants like wisteria or roses. Or add some stylish outdoor lights for a magical evening ambience that turns your BBQ area into the perfect spot for both day and night gatherings. 


2. Optimise your BBQ area layout for light

Napoleon 700 Series 44" Built-in Gas Grill £4,055.00

If perfect, al fresco dinner parties are your aim, set up your grill and seating area so that it catches the evening sun. Arrange your BBQ and outdoor furniture to sit in the sun's path throughout the day for maximum light, and consider a layout that shields you against any prevailing winds. 

Adding a reflective backsplash or using light-coloured surfaces can enhance brightness for an inviting and well-lit space throughout the entire day.


3. Create a seamless transition from inside to outside

Luna Outdoor Fabric Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Table in Oyster Grey (Left Hand) - £3,599


Use bi-folding doors that open up your home into the garden. For a sense of continuity, match your home's style and colour scheme, opting for sleek, weather-resistant furniture that mirrors indoor luxury for comfort and style.

Add accessories like outdoor rugs and plush cushions to add texture and colour and enhance the feeling of an expanded living area. 


4. Treat yourself to a premium Napoleon BBQ

Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 RSIB Gas Barbecue - £2,890


Make a statement at every barbecue with a premium Napoleon grill from Harbour Lifestyle. Perfect for large gatherings, these grills offer expansive cooking space and extra burners to fully flex your culinary muscles. Designed for the ultimate BBQ enthusiast as well as the casual cook, the Napoleon series has long been one of the top names in grilling, renowned for reliability and longevity. 

Napoleon grills stand out as a premium choice for anyone wanting to significantly upgrade their outdoor cooking experience, ensuring that each gathering is an event to remember.


5. Deck out your BBQ area with all the essential appliances

Napoleon Rogue SE 625 RSIB Gas Barbecue £1,819.99

Creating the ultimate BBQ area means equipping it with all the essentials for cooking and entertaining, like a high-quality grill and smoker for those who appreciate intense, slow-cooked flavours. 

Add a pizza oven for a touch of variety (it's a guaranteed people-pleaser) and an outdoor fridge to keep your drinks perfectly chilled. Oh, and don't forget a prep station for added convenience when making those delicious starters and salads.


6. Fire up the Kamado grill

Kamado BBQ 18" Ceramic Grill in Black £699.00

Want juicy, moist meat every single time? Then you need to invest in a Kamado grillFamous for their unique egg shape, Kamado grills are made from a high-quality ceramic material and are renowned for their superior temperature control. 

They are the grill that does it all: you can use them to grill, smoke and even bake, making them perfect for everything from steaks to pizzas. Plus, their robust materials make them a lasting addition to any outdoor space.


7. Integrate a BBQ area in your garden

Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB Gas Barbecue - £989


Take advantage of natural elements by building your BBQ area in your garden around existing trees and plant life to incorporate natural shade. You could even plant aromatic herbs and flowers that not only beautify the area but can also add flavour to your grilled dishes. 

Use natural materials like local stones for counters and paths and furniture that complements your natural surroundings, such as wicker, rattan or wood


8. Covered BBQ area ideas for cooking rain or shine

In the UK, the weather is pretty unpredictable, to say the least. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it dictate your BBQ plans. Covered BBQ area ideas like a sturdy pergola or gazebo can provide shelter, protecting you against rain, wind and intense sun without sacrificing style. 

Simply equip it with stylish lighting and heating options to extend its usability into the cooler months so that your BBQ space is as functional as it is inviting all year round.


9. Dine at the bar

Transform your BBQ area into the hottest new bar in town with a built-in bar setup. Add an outdoor bar counter opposite your grill packed with your favourite spirits, mixers, mocktails and garnishes so your guests can chat with the chef and enjoy a drink while waiting for their food. 

Choose stylish, weather-resistant leather bar stools for a classic, old-school bar feel and enhance the ambience with an eye-catching overhead pendant light or multiple string lights to create a warm, inviting glow.


10. Small outdoor BBQ area ideas to optimise limited space

Make the most of a small space with a pinch of creativity and strategic planning using small outdoor BBQ area ideas. Choose a compact, multifunctional grill that fits comfortably without swamping your space or sacrificing performance. Utilise vertical space by adding shelving for all your utensils and supplies.

A fold-down counter provides extra prep space, while smaller-scale or collapsible garden furniture allows even the smallest outdoor area to become a beautiful and functional BBQ spot. 


11. Eat in a cosy nook

Choose a corner of your garden that offers privacy and shelter and furnish it with plush, comfortable seating, such as a cushioned bistro set or an outdoor sofa. Add a matching coffee table to create an inviting nook for family and friends. 

Enhance the cosiness with soft outdoor lighting, like hanging fire lanterns and add some outdoor cushions and throws for ultimate snugness on chillier evenings. 


12. Use a gas and charcoal BBQ

Napoleon Rogue SE 425 RSIB Gas Barbecue £1,349.99


When it comes to flexibility and creating the ultimate BBQ flavour, no grill master can get much better than a hybrid grill with gas and coal options. 

This type of BBQ lets you enjoy the unbeatable smoky taste of cooking on charcoal for special occasions and the convenience and control of gas for everyday cooking. Look for models with lots of cooking space for big gatherings and parties.


13. Add adequate space for food prep

Napoleon 700 Series 38" Built-in Gas Grill £3,210.00


Efficient food prep is crucial to a successful barbecue, allowing you to spend less time cooking and more time with your guests. The key? Having enough space. When designing your outdoor BBQ area ideas, add plenty of counter space for chopping, marinating and plating. Choose durable materials like granite or stainless steel that are easy to clean and can withstand the elements for longevity.

You could also install cabinets or shelves under your counter to ensure cooking utensils and ingredients are always within easy reach.


14. Gather at the masonry BBQ

Buschbeck St Moritz Masonry Barbecue £633.00

A masonry BBQ will take your weekend get-togethers to a whole new level. A stunning and durable focal point in any garden, this piece of equipment is a real fan favourite of outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Typically made from brick or stone, think of these more permanent fixtures as outdoor cooking centres that enhance your garden's aesthetic while helping you serve up great-tasting food.

Built-in seating encourages conversation while the meals are prepped and cooked, creating a central gathering spot that instantly elevates your outdoor barbeque experience.


15. Add a BBQ area by a pool


If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, why not add outdoor BBQ area ideas for holiday resort-style luxury in your own backyard?

Position your grill and dining area where you can enjoy pool views safely away from unwanted splashes to create one massive entertainment space for hot summer days. You could even add a bar counter or pergola draped in airy fabrics for a comfortable and chic area to dine and relax between swims. 


16. Illuminate your outdoor BBQ area ideas



High-quality lighting is essential if you want to extend the usability of your UK outdoor BBQ area ideas long into the evening hours. Install a combination of functional and ambient lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere that’ll make your guests want to stay long into the night. 

Add bright lights over the grill and food prep area and softer lighting options like solar lanterns around dining and seating areas for a decorative touch and to enhance the mood. Just make sure to choose weather-proof outdoor lighting if your BBQ area doesn’t have a cover — remember, safety first!


17. Set up an outdoor dining table



Transform your UK outdoor BBQ area ideas into a true al fresco dining destination by investing in a high-quality outdoor dining setChoose a table that complements the style and size of your outdoor space, whether that's a sleek aluminium design for a modern patio or a rustic wooden or rattan table for a more traditional backdrop. 

Add a stylish parasol or pergola to protect you from the sun's rays for a comfortable spot in the heart of your garden for enjoying meals and family time outdoors.


18. BBQ area ideas on a budget

Napoleon NK18 Charcoal Kettle Grill £199.99

Creating a beautiful BBQ area doesn’t have to break the bank. Start with a basic charcoal grill, which is often more affordable than gas or electric models. Are you a jack of all trades (or know someone who is)? Opting for DIY barbecue area ideas is a budget-friendly choice. You can make handmade benches or use repurposed materials like pallets or reclaimed wood. These can be used to build counters and seating for your BBQ area, helping you save money.

​​Enhance your outdoor space by incorporating items you already own, such as outdoor cushions and throws. Alternatively, explore reclamation yards for unique outdoor furniture and accessories. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can transform your space into a charming and functional BBQ area without breaking the bank.


Create the ultimate BBQ area with Harbour Lifestyle

Perfect for entertaining and extending your living space, a dedicated BBQ area is a must for every barbecue enthusiast. From small BBQ area ideas and budget-friendly setups to luxurious, high-performance grills like the Napoleon BBQ, each option is designed to enhance your grilling experience. You can easily bring together style, functionality and the joy of al fresco dining! 

Discover the full potential of your garden with Harbour Lifestyle’s premium range of outdoor furniture and BBQ solutions. Visit and browse our exclusive collection and take your BBQ area ideas to the next level. Whether you’re hosting a large party or enjoying a quiet family dinner, we have something for everyone.