5 Year Guarantee

Please note that our 5-year guarantee only covers furniture for structural damage (framework), rust, and fade in the UK. Please note our firepits systems and accessories only suffice a 1-year guarantee. The guarantee applies to all furniture sold by only, however it does not include the glass, cushion fabric & filling, or stitching supplied with sets.

The specification of furniture is made to withstand the weather conditions in the UK, therefore may not be suitable for foreign climates. Extreme temperatures may cause the rattan to contract and expand, consequently leading to damage or cracking. Should the consumer wish to move furniture outside of the UK, Harbour Lifestyle is not liable for any consequent damage, because of foreign weather conditions. 

Harbour Lifestyle reserves the right to not apply the 5 Year Guarantee in cases where Harbour Lifestyle deems inappropriate misuse or in instances where the product/s has been tampered with by a third party. The guarantee will also not apply in instances deemed to be fair wear and tear. The 5-year guarantee is the maximum period covered and any replacement orders provided do not re-start the guarantee period. The guarantee begins from the date of dispatch.