The Best Dates Every Year to Plan your Barbecue Soiree

The Best Dates Every Year to Plan your Barbecue Soiree

If like us, you love to spend quality time outdoors with your loved ones, you’ll be keen for some warmer weather to make an appearance this spring. The nation is desperate to get back out in their gardens again, but when can we expect the highly anticipated blue skies to arrive?

To help you plan your social summer soirees, we have delved into 50 years’ worth of Met Office weather records, and analysed the rainfall data, UK-wide, since 1970 - to find out which days this spring and summer we’re most likely to be dining outdoors again. Plus, it has searched high and low to reveal the world’s favourite barbecue dishes, to inspire your upcoming alfresco dinner party.

With warmer days on the horizon, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching the dull grey clouds turn into more sunny climes, and spending time entertaining around your gently smoking, delicious-smelling barbecue. So, it’s time to start planning…did somebody say Mimosas?!


The Best Day To Plan Your Summer Soiree

 Despite being known for its showers, Harbour Lifestyle found that April is actually the driest month of the whole year, on average. According to the data, April has the lowest rainfall with just 2.01mm recorded for the whole month on average, just shy of May’s average of 2.02mm. So, if you’re looking to host a spring get-together, you better get a move on!

If you’re waiting for the weather to warm up a little more before you venture out into the garden, June and July are shown to be the drier summer months, with August having higher rainfall on average. The 29th of June is set to be the driest summer day, with just 1.71mm of rain recorded on average over the past 50 years.

But the one thing certain in Britain is that the weather is somewhat unpredictable. So come snow, rain, or shine, an expertly engineered pergola is the perfect partner to ensure you can entertain whatever the weather. These stunning multi-functional garden structures provide shade in the summer heat, and can be switched to a fully waterproof roof at a moment's notice. Pergolas can be used for anything from hosting a hot tub to providing a hub for alfresco dining in style. And with tilting double-layered louvres, you can quickly switch between a closed roof and an open-top, allowing the sunshine to beam through when it finally reappears. But, if you are looking into pergolas, time is of the essence…


Ali Manser, our Merchandising Manager, comments:

“From experience, Harbour Lifestyle generally see overall sales increasing by over 100% during sunny periods, so it is a great idea to keep an eye on the weather report and plan ahead if you are looking to purchase. Overall sales increased by a huge 123% during the mini heatwave we had towards the end of March this year, and pergolas have actually been our top selling product of 2022 so far. So, if you are looking to purchase one of these, I would recommend doing so as soon as possible.”


The Power Of The Barbecue – Alfresco Dishes From Around The World

No matter the weather, when your family and friends do arrive, they’re bound to come hungry. So, now you know the best date to host, and have a pergola shaped backup plan, we’ve compiled some of the best barbecue dishes from around the world - so you can wow your guests with your culinary skills, and transport them to warmer climates. 

Let’s begin in the Philippines, with Filipino Chicken Skewers. With their marinade of soy sauce, lemon, sugar, ginger and garlic, they’re sweet and salty at the same time. A brilliantly quick yet impressive supper, simply place them on a Masonry Barbecue and cook them traditionally over charcoal, before you switch fuel to slow burning logs to finish with an authentic woody aroma. 

Sticking with chicken, next up it’s a barbecue classic… Jamaican jerk chicken. The key to getting authentic tasting jerk chicken is to use pimento wood, ensuring your meat is grilled to perfection with dark, crusty edges. This dish requires some seriously skillful cooking, and a Kamado grill is perfect for the job thanks to its built-in thermometer. Once the chicken has been marinated with scotch bonnet chillies, rum, and ginger, gather enough pimento branches and leaves to form a base for the chicken, with a few inches of buffer around the sides. Soak the branches and leaves in water for at least 20 minutes (this will help them release flavourful smoke instead of igniting), then lay the leaves and branches over the grill. Place the chicken on top and close the Kamado’s lid, keeping the heat at a constant 170 degrees. It should take around an hour to cook the chicken, but delicious things come to those who wait!

If chicken isn’t your thing, we’re sure you will fall for Bulgogi, a barbecued beef dish from Korea. Our top tip is to place your sirloin in the freezer for 20 minutes before preparation, which firms it up for easy slicing. Remember, the thinner slices the better when it comes to this classic Korean formulation. After slicing, leave the meat in a peppery soy sauce marinade for a few hours. The tender meat cooks quickly over high heat, developing a tasty char. A dish this delicious definitely needs to be celebrated, and we recommend wowing your guests with a culinary experience by cooking around a firepit dining table. Hear the squeals of delight (followed swiftly by the delight of mouthfuls of magic) as you put on a show for your diners.

Finally, Brazilian Churrasco is on the menu, and for this we’re adding a motorised rotisserie to our Kamado grill. Churrasco, known in the UK as ‘mixed grill’, is the national barbecue dish of Brazil, where spit-roasting is an art-form. Traditionally starting off with a course of beef, it moves on to a whole roasted chicken that has been marinated in salt, pepper, and garlic, with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Mini bell pepper, sausage, and onion skewers finish off this tantalizing Brazilian buffet delicacy – you can even replace the meat with jackfruit for your vegetarian and vegan diners. It’s an all-rounder.

So, if another summer in the UK is on the cards for you this year, why not be the host with the most? Mark your chosen dry date in the diary, prepare your delicious barbecue dishes from around the world, and invite your esteemed guests – it’s time for an alfresco soiree to remember.