Stay Trendy this Summer with an Instagrammable Outdoor Space

Stay Trendy this Summer with an Instagrammable Outdoor Space

We’ve had our first glimpse of sunshine, and with the warmer seasons just around the corner, many of us are left aimlessly wondering what to do to get our gardens or outdoor space ready. What really should be on our radar?

Well, there is no need to worry about keeping up with the neighbours’ endless garden updates, or have a panic before your guests arrive for your summer soiree. We're here to cater to the most in-demand outdoor design ideas on social that are set to surge this spring/summer - so you can stay ahead of the trends, and inspire your garden transformation.

With the hashtag #OutdoorLiving racking up well over four million posts on Instagram alone, and Pinterest seeing a 53% increase in ‘outdoor living space’ searches, it’s clear that the nation is jumping at the chance to get back outdoors and begin their alfresco revamps as early as this spring. And what better place to find inspiration to create a vision than the wonderful world of Instagram? Keep scrolling for all the garden insight you need to make your space bright, convivial and a joy to be in.


Food, Glorious Food

Let’s begin with something that is always a high priority on everyone’s agenda as soon as the weather picks up here in the UK – food! The pandemic ignited the nation’s passion for cooking, and this doesn’t just mean in our kitchens! If you fancy yourself as a chef extraordinaire, you’ll want only the best set up to cook up a storm for your guests. With #BBQ hosting a whopping 32.8 million posts on Instagram, we’re well aware that alfresco cooking and dining are some of the UK’s most loved summer activities.

If you are looking for the perfect spot to cook up a quick and tasty bite to eat, a table-top grill is the ultimate choice. Small, efficient, and chic – a tabletop grill allows you to sizzle sausages and burgers with ease without forfeiting the space for a larger piece of equipment. However, if you have often been crowned king of the grill, you may be looking for something a little more substantial. A full sized grill is more your style. With space for several steaks, these barbeques are also multi-functional; once you have finished cooking, switch your coals for logs, and enjoy spending the rest of your evening warm and cosy in front of the ‘fireplace’.

For times when formality isn’t necessary, but entertaining is key, you’re going to want a slice of the action in investing in another popular trend - the wood fired pizza oven. Provide the oven, the dough and the toppings, and let your guests get creative – after all, who doesn’t love a homemade pizza? And with over 60 million #Pizza posts on Instagram, we’re sure you won’t be short of flavour inspiration!

And to dine from? A beautiful outdoor table is the best base. If you’re feeling feisty, a firepit table is a stylish and functional solution to eat from, cook from, and warm up on an evening! Opt for a centrally placed circular table to establish a beautiful symmetry in your outdoor space, or a larger rectangular firepit table to cater for those busy dinner parties where you can never quite grab enough seats. Plus, as the light evenings become darker and the stars begin to shine, the magnificent fire display will keep your guests warm and toasty, so your soiree doesn’t have to end early.


Enviable entertaining

With over a million posts on Instagram, #OutdoorFurniture is almost as popular as its indoor equivalent. Whilst we are spending more time outdoors than ever, it’s important to choose furniture that suits your lifestyle, and your personal taste.

A classy yet comfortable sofa set is a must-have for alfresco lovers. Whether it’s for a solo coffee in the garden before work, or an impromptu cocktail with friends on a Saturday afternoon - a corner sofa set works well in most settings. Search for a set that includes a matching coffee table for chic convenience, and recliner seats if you are really looking to relax. If you are seeking even more comfort, invest in additional outdoor scatter cushions. With close to 32k hashtags on Instagram, outdoor cushions are becoming a trend in 2022 that everybody wants to be a part of! Search for weatherproof or showerproof cushions that ensure if the Great British weather behaves in its usual drizzly style, your contemporary cushions will be protected.

So, now your derriere is catered for, what are you going to place under your feet? With almost 20k posts featuring #OutdoorRug, Instagrammers love accessorising their alfresco spaces. After their big hit last summer leaving shops sold out left right and centre, and many disappointed, in 2022 British households are preparing earlier than ever.


Our Director, Richard Totman, comments:

“Last spring, the nation went wild for the outdoor rug. From convenience stores to luxury retailers, this must-have furniture item was sold out everywhere – and for good reason. Ideal for elevating your barbeques or accessorising your alfresco seating area, outdoor rugs help to establish designated sections in your garden, whilst also keeping your feet toasty, and protecting your furniture from the harsh flooring below.”


Pergola Perfection

Dividing gardens or outdoor spaces up is a great way of making them seem larger and more interesting, and the humble pergola is a wonderful way of implementing this into your space. With over one million posts featuring #Pergola, it’s no wonder that these multi-functional pieces are popular in the UK. In fact, we've sold over £300,000 worth of pergolas in the first three months of 2022 alone!

A wooden or steel botanical-filled pergola can create a delightful walkway from one area to another - perhaps from the lawn to a dining area. Used as anything from canopies to provide shade from the sunshine, to an extension of your home for an indoor-outdoor living experience, pergolas truly are the most adaptable garden furniture piece you will own.


Patrick Bridge, our Chief Operations Officer here at Harbour Lifestyle, comments:

“To keep your outdoor space in use even on drizzly days, you should consider creating a sheltered seating area. Pergolas effortlessly extend your living space and offer protection from the elements, so you can cosy up and enjoy the fresh air without succumbing to the Great British weather. For a romantic, bohemian vibe, add lanterns, twinkly lights, and blankets – elevating your evening’s plans without actually leaving your home!”


Hanging Around

If you love nothing more than lazing around outdoors on a hazy summer’s afternoon, with 210k posts featuring #HangingAround, you are clearly not alone! Whether you like to read a book, admire nature, or simply appreciate your own horticultural skills, any hobby feels more relaxing from the comfort of a hanging chair. A cocoon style chair does exactly what its name implies, allowing you to snuggle-on up and feel safely enclosed in its deeply filled cushions as you hang from its elegant frame. These chairs are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre if you want to chase (or hide from) the sun, whether it's on the lawn, patio, decking, or in a conservatory. Perfect for catching some rays, Instagrammable, and the ideal way to unwind in your garden.

If rays are exactly what you’re looking to catch, why not invest in one of our sun loungers? With over 51k mentions surrounding #SunLounger, Instagram is the ideal place to search for your sunbathing inspiration! We recommend searching for a lounger which is the same or similar material to the rest of your garden furniture, to achieve a cohesive, unified aesthetic. Plus, search for a model with showerproof pillows, so that you can put your mind at ease if the Great British weather decides to be unpredictable.


Show it off!

Lighting is often overlooked in gardens, but a few carefully placed lamps or lanterns can create a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. With 325k mentions on Instagram featuring #OutdoorLighting, thousands of others are also obsessed with illuminating their alfresco spaces. From outdoor lanterns to tabletop fires, there are hundreds of sophisticated ways to light up your garden when it comes to evening soirees.


Patrick Bridge says:

“Sources of heat, such as firepits, heaters and tabletop fires, allow you to enjoy your garden comfortably when the temperature outside is less than appealing. Plus, installing these impressive displays enhances the aesthetic of your garden, and also provides lighting for those evenings when you just don’t want to go back inside yet.”


So with the dark days of winter long behind us, it’s time to look forward to warmer temperatures, sunnier days, and delicious alfresco cooking. Ensure you’re ready to make the most of this summer with these Instagram-worthy style tips!