Pergola With Fire Pit Ideas for Year-Round Enjoyment

Pergola With Fire Pit Ideas for Year-Round Enjoyment

Want to spruce up your pergola but don’t know how? We’ve got just the thing: a statement fire pit to revolutionise your space.  

As practical as it is stylish, a fire pit will upgrade your pergola, taking it from your average shaded spot and elevating it into the very heart of your garden and home’s social life. The ultimate focal point for social gatherings and relaxing evenings, a pergola with a fire pit is a luxurious game-changer when it comes to outdoor living. 

A fire pit extends your pergola’s usability far beyond the summer months, allowing you to get cosy on chilly autumn and crisp winter nights. It’s also the perfect spot for everything from romantic date nights with a glass of wine to laughter-filled evenings toasting marshmallows with friends. 

But what should you look for in a pergola fire pit, and are there any safety precautions that you should know about before installing a pergola with a fire pit? 

From fire pit styles to materials, safety and costs, we’ll cover it all and show you how a fire pit can redefine your pergola and outdoor living space


Can you have a fire pit in a pergola?

Yes, you absolutely can have a fire pit in a pergola, as long as you prioritise safety. Factors like adequate ventilation, choosing suitable materials and maintaining a safe distance between the fire pit and the pergola structure are a must. 

With careful planning, a fire pit can make a safe and stunning addition to your pergola, enhancing its aesthetics as well as functionality.

Why get a pergola with a firepit?

With so many benefits, the question isn’t why you should, but why wouldn’t you? If you need some outdoor pergola with fire pit ideas, check these out.


Create an outdoor hub

Monterrey 8 Seat Rope Rectangular Teak Firepit Dining Set in Grey - £3,999.00


Adding a fire pit to your pergola transforms it into the ultimate outdoor hub that’s a central point for relaxing and gatherings. This kind of outdoor setup will be a natural magnet for family and friends, providing a warm (literally) and inviting atmosphere, turning your garden into a lively and welcoming social space where memories are made.


Use your pergola year-round


PergoSTET 3m x 4m Rectangular Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in Grey - £3,999.00

As the seasons change, a fire pit extends the usability of your pergola beyond the warm summer months, ensuring it remains warm and transforming it into a cosy outdoor retreat. 

When summer does roll around, a pergola and fire pit is perfect for long soirées and garden parties that go on long into the night. 

With a fire pit, your pergola is guaranteed to become a year-round destination, regardless of what the unpredictable British weather throws at you.

Create a romantic and ambient setting


Luna 6 Seat Teak Firepit Bar Set in Oyster Grey - £3,849


Flickering flames, a soft glow, a glass of wine and a canvas of stars. Name a better date — we’ll wait. 

A fire pit with a pergola is the IDEAL backdrop for a romantic evening, creating an enchanting atmosphere that you just won’t find in a restaurant. Whether it’s celebrating anniversaries, sharing a bottle of wine, or simply enjoying each other’s company, a fire pit adds that special touch of romance and intimacy to your garden. 

Create a cosy reading nook


Bermuda Daybed in Stone Grey - £1,249.99

For anyone who loves to get lost in a good read, a fire pit will transform your pergola into a cosy reading nook. The gentle warmth of the fire, mixed with the tranquil garden setting, provides a peaceful escape for reading and relaxing. 

Wrap up in a blanket on a plush daybed with your favourite book and a cup of tea to unwind surrounded by the gentle sounds of nature and the flicker of the fire — sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? 

How to integrate a firepit into your pergola

Design considerations


PergoSTET 3m x 4m Rectangular Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in Grey - £3,999


When adding a fire pit to your pergola, design is crucial for aesthetics just as much as functionality. 

A good tip is to choose a fire pit with a pergola design that complements your garden's style for a cohesive look and feel. 

Prefer more of a mish-mash? Dismiss that tip entirely and go for a fire pit table that contrasts with your outdoor structure. A good example would be a sleek, modern fire pit under a traditional pergola to shake things up a bit. You can also get fire pits that integrate into dining tables or bar sets, giving you a two-for-one. The choice is yours. 

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure that it reflects your tastes. On a more practical note, consider the size and shape of your fire pit in relation to your pergola's dimensions. Not only will this ensure you have enough space, but it's also a must when it comes to safety. 


Safety precautions 

Cosipure 100 White and Teak Square Fire Pit - £1,499.99

Safety is absolutely essential where fire is involved. Make sure there's plenty of space above and around the fire pit for people to move around easily and prevent any fire risk. Always place your fire pit on a non-flammable surface and equip it with a spark screen and lid if it doesn't come with a built-in glass surround.

Preventing smoke


Monterrey 6 Seat Rope Firepit Teak Bar Set in Grey - £3,699


Where there's smoke, there's fire. Managing smoke is a must if you want a comfortable pergola fire pit experience. The good news is that most modern fire pit designs are smokeless and specially designed to burn clean for easy maintenance and no smoke. 

You should also consider the fuel you're using, like gas-powered fire pits that don't emit any smoke. Plus, strategically placing your fire pit to take advantage of prevailing winds helps carry smoke away from your pergola.

Material selection 

PergoSTET 3m x 4m Rectangular Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in Grey - £3,999.00

Both your fire pit and pergola should be durable and fire-resistant. Look for fire pits made from cast aluminium or stone, which are durable and resistant to heat. When it comes to your pergola, aluminium or steel models add a modern touch while withstanding exposure to heat. 



Palma 8 Seat Rope Rectangular Ceramic Firepit Dining Set in Grey - £4,299

Fire pit costs vary based on the materials, size and design. Off-the-shelf fire pits can be a more budget-friendly option, while custom-built designs are more expensive but offer a unique touch. 

Remember, investing in a higher-quality, durable fire pit, like Harbour Lifestyle's range, can be more cost-effective in the long run, ensuring lower maintenance and a longer lifespan. 

Outdoor pergola with fire pit ideas

Firepit bar sets

Luna 6 Seat Teak Firepit Bar Set in Grey - £3,849


Elevate your outdoor gatherings with a fire pit bar set, perfect for creating a chic, social atmosphere under your pergola. 

Think high bar stools and a sleek bar table with your favourite drinks and garnishes, surrounded by the glow of your fire pit — ideal for evening cocktails and conversations. You’ll be the new ‘it’ bar in town! 

Firepit dining sets

Palma 8 Seat Rope Rectangular Teak Firepit Dining Set in Grey - £4,499.00

Combine dining and warmth with a fire pit dining set, allowing you to enjoy al fresco dining with a cosy ambience. 

Imagine a spacious table with comfortable chairs centred around a warm fire pit, perfect for intimate family dinners or hosting friends — it really doesn't get much better than that. 


Fire pit accessories


PergoSTET 3m x 4m Rectangular Pergola with 3 Drop Sides and LED Lighting in Grey - £3,999

Luna Side Table - £199


Never dismiss the power of accessories in enhancing your outdoor living experience. From protective covers to stylish fire glass, these additions boost functionality and add style, making your fire pit both practical and visually striking. 

While you're at it, it's also the perfect excuse to spruce up your pergola. With a few new outdoor cushions, a blanket or two and outdoor lights here and there, it'll feel like a brand-new space in no time.


Fire pit coffee tables

Luna Deluxe Outdoor Fabric Square Corner Dining Set with Rising Firepit Table in Grey - £4,349


A fire pit and coffee table is the great combination you never knew you needed. The ultimate dual-purpose solution, these tables blend the practicality of a coffee table with the warmth of a fire pit, creating a cosy, intimate setting for casual catch-ups.

Pergola fire pit alternatives

If these pergola fire pit ideas don't tickle your fancy, let's explore some creative alternatives. These options offer innovative ways to enhance your outdoor space while keeping it cosy and inviting.


Pergola with chimney 


Source - Pinterest

If you love the look of a traditional fireplace, a pergola with a chimney is an excellent alternative to a fire pit — especially if you don't have a fireplace in your home. 

Perfect for those who love classic or more rustic décor, it lets you enjoy a real wood-burning fireplace under your pergola, with the smoke safely leaving via the chimney.

Pergola with heaters


PergoSTET Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Heater in Grey - £399.00

For a more modern and maintenance-free option, you can take the fire out of the equation altogether and choose a pergola with heaters instead. 

There are some great stylish and powerful pergola heater options available on the market designed to keep you warm and enhance the usability of your outdoor space. 

From infrared to electric models with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and lighting features that allow you to take complete control of your living space, they're a no-brainer. 


Embrace warmth and style with Harbour Lifestyle’s pergolas with fire pits

A fire pit with a pergola transforms your outdoor space into a versatile, year-round haven. And with so many great outdoor pergola ideas with fire pits to choose from, including elegant fire pit bar sets to intimate fire pit tables, you can now easily find the perfect one to match your tastes, preferences and outdoor space. 

Remember, the key lies in balancing safety with style and functionality for a safe, enjoyable, head-turning garden you can enjoy for years to come.

Take the first step towards creating your dream outdoor sanctuary and check out Harbour Lifestyle's premium range of pergolas and fire pits — where design and comfort meet quality. 


Pergola with fire pit FAQs


How high should a pergola be above a fire pit?

Having enough height above a fire pit in a pergola is essential for safety as well as smoke ventilation. Ideally, we recommend a minimum height of at least 10 feet for adequate air ventilation and to reduce the risk of heat damage to the pergola structure.


Can I put a fire pit under a covered patio?

You can put a fire pit under a covered patio, but you must consider safety over anything else. 

Make sure they are at least 10 feet in height to allow any heat and smoke to dissipate safely, and choose a fire pit designed for covered areas or one that’s gas-powered to avoid smoke altogether. You can also equip it with a spark screen, lid or built-in glass surround for extra precaution.