Our Autumn Inspiration for your Outdoor Space

Our Autumn Inspiration for your Outdoor Space

With the balmy summer weather slowly transitioning into cooler, crisp, and fresher climates, you may think that this years’ time in the garden has come to an end. But not so fast! Outdoor living isn’t just for summer.

Alfresco meals, twilight drinks, and taking a moment to unwind, disconnecting from screens and staring at the same four walls, can all continue with just a few additions and tweaks for the autumnal season ahead. With Halloween and Bonfire Night on the horizon, it's the perfect time to refresh your space and add some extra home comforts to cosy up your garden for the social plans you already have in the diary.

Looking for inspiration? Listen to our experts as they reveal their must-have alfresco furniture and accessories, ideal for cocooning on cooler evenings. From twinkly lights that illuminate your late-night soirees, to fire features that keep your guests comfortable as the temperature drops – here are Harbour Lifestyle’s easy seasonal updates to ‘cosy-fy’ your space and maximise its use, whatever the weather.


Conjure an atmosphere - Light the night

When the sun starts setting earlier and earlier, evening soirees tend to end prematurely, or not take place at all. So, to keep your garden gatherings going after the sun goes down, outdoor lighting is a must-have addition to your alfresco set-up.


Our Chief Operations Officer, Patrick Bridge, comments:  

“When the British weather becomes less Baltic, but still isn’t as mild as we would like, there are valuable, stylish tweaks you can make to your outdoor space to ensure it remains a place to enjoy with the family, and entertain guests all year round. 

“Lighting is one of the most important embellishments you can add to your garden in the autumn, as it keeps the space in use after darkness descends. As the gloomier evenings draw in, it’s natural to want to retreat indoors. But, with some simple and cost-effective outdoor lighting, you can create an atmosphere not only you, but your friends and family will enjoy. Illuminating your garden in a creative way will bring a magical touch and feel to any outdoor space.”


One of the most popular, on-trend, and stylish lighting choices at the moment is an outdoor lantern. Ideal for both night-time illuminating, and day-time accessorising – a stylish floor lantern creates the ultimate chic-yet-cosy vibe in any alfresco space. Simply place one in a corner of your patio, or at the edge of a furniture piece for an angular look that feels trendy during the daytime, and cosy when the stars begin to shine. What’s more, the resulting pools of light from your lantern will extend your time outside, oozing boutique chic vibes.


Warm it up – Beat the chill

As temperatures drop and freezing autumnal winds begin to chill the air, heating your alfresco space becomes essential to keep it in use. Nobody wants to be sat outside shivering, especially if you are hosting guests! Luckily, there is a simple solution to this tricky situation – outdoor heating.


Patrick comments again:   

“Sources of heat, such as firepits, heaters and tabletop fires allow you to enjoy your garden comfortably when the temperature outside is less than appealing. Plus, installing these impressive displays enhances the aesthetic of your garden, and also provides lighting for those evenings when you just don’t want to go back inside yet.” 


For an authentic campsite style experience, a firepit is a must have in your alfresco space. Emanating relaxed vibes, an open flame provides an additional heat source for your guests to enjoy, and also creates a peaceful atmosphere with its orange glow, and soothing crackling sound.


Patrick Bridge states: 

“There are many reasons to add a firepit into your alfresco set up. Firstly, creating a snug atmosphere to gather friends and family around is one of autumn’s joys. Making memories, telling spooky stories, and roasting marshmallows around a firepit not only provides hosting opportunities, but also allows you to indulge in quality time without phones or TV, to enjoy one another’s company and switch off. For extra comfort to complete that homely scene you’ve been hoping to achieve, position a snug chair on either side and an outdoor rug underfoot.”


Conjure an atmosphere – Stay protected

With autumn, comes autumnal weather. Rain, sleet, and heavy winds can become deal breakers when it comes to making alfresco plans, but by taking a few preventative steps, you can ensure your outdoor space is practically weatherproof.


Patrick continues:

“To keep your outdoor space in use even on drizzly days, you should consider creating a sheltered seating area. Pergolas effortlessly extend your living space and offer weather protection, so you can snuggle up and enjoy the fresh air without succumbing to the Great British weather. For a romantic, bohemian vibe, add lanterns, twinkly lights, and cushions and blankets – elevating your evening’s plans without actually leaving your home!” 


The ultimate weather protecting feature to your garden, a pergola is a shielding structure that can effortlessly extend your indoor space to the great outdoors, whilst providing protection from the elements. Consider creating a soothing sanctuary space by placing a pergola over your patio, covering your social seating area to ensure it can still be used to its full potential no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at it.


So, with three top tips to create the ultimate cosy area in your alfresco space, ideal for spending time with friends and family, or enjoying a tranquil time solo - why not create your own combination of heating, lighting and shelter to ensure your gorgeous garden remains in use all year around? The options are endless!