Inspiration for your garden flooring ideas

Inspiration for your garden flooring ideas

Need some garden flooring ideas to elevate your outdoor space, and make it look stylish while remaining practical? 

Outdoor flooring is a critical component in adding structure and support, as well as pulling together the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

And it doesn’t just have to be boring concrete, or traditional grass, there are loads of different outdoor flooring ideas that you can use to help create your dream garden look.

So, what is the best outdoor flooring for your garden?

In this blog we’re exploring some of our favourite garden floor ideas, that can suit any size garden and any budget.


Outdoor patio floor ideas for your garden…

So, what are the best outdoor patio flooring ideas?

As with everything in your garden, your flooring choice will come down largely to personal preference. However, there are some options that can fit better with your aesthetics and budget - there really is no one size fits all.

So, let’s look into what options there are, and what might be the best choice for you. 


Deck flooring ideas…

Decking is an incredibly popular, flooring option for gardens in the UK, and with good reason. It is an excellent neutral flooring base, that can be used to create traditional, sleek and stylish flooring with a modern twist.

Decking in any form is a brilliant base for any furniture, so is brilliant if you are wanting to sit any sofa sets, dining sets or firepits on it.

There are two main options when it comes to garden decking including:

  • Wooden decking 
  • Composite decking

    Let’s look at these two types of decking, and which one might be the best option for you.

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    Outdoor wooden decking…

    Wooden decking is a classic option for garden flooring, due to its durable (if treated) and beautiful nature. Traditionally it was the go-to patio material, and while there are many other options, it's still a popular choice - which is understandable when you see the benefits.

    Pros of wooden decking

    • Natural aesthetic
    • Incredibly durable (if installed and cared for correctly)
    • Visually stunning
    • Can last 30+ years if cared for correctly
    • Renewable material (if sourced ethically)

    Cons of wooden decking

    • Requires ongoing maintenance annually (paint or stain)
    • Good quality timber can be expensive

      Outdoor composite decking…

      A more modern decking alternative to wood is composite decking. Composite decking is a mixture of wood fibre and plastic. This results in a denser, more robust and heavier material than wood, or plastic alone.

      Although composite decking is created to emulate real wood, while overcoming its shortcomings - it doesn’t look exactly like wood. For some people, the lack of real wood effect is enough to put them off. Although there are still many benefits to installing composite bonding instead of wood.

      Pros of composite decking

      • Durability & low-maintenance
      • UV resistant
      • Will not rot or splinter
      • Available in a range of colours

      Cons of composite decking

      • Upfront cost is high
      • Doesn’t have the real wood aesthetic

      Grass flooring ideas…

      Grass is pretty self-explanatory! It’s long been a popular flooring option for adding life to your outdoor area.

      Again, there are two different types of grass that you can install in your garden:

    • Real grass
    • Artificial grass

      Real Grass

      Real grass is a brilliant way to add life and biodiversity to your garden, as well as make it look stunning. It’s long been the go-to for garden flooring, and while it’s not the only option it is a pretty great one.

      Pros of real grass

      • Affordable to install
      • Increases biodiversity 
      • Can last forever if taken care of

      Cons of real grass

      • Requires ongoing maintenance
      • Costs to maintain can add up
      • Maintenance (ie. water/cutting/weed treatments) can have an environmental impact


      Artificial grass…

      Artificial grass has grown in popularity in recent years. And, with modern improvements in synthetic turf, cheap plastic artificial grass is a thing of the past. Grass doesn’t have to be natural to look good, and it can be an excellent alternative for your outdoor flooring.

      Pros of artificial grass

      • Low-maintenance
      • Looks good in all weather conditions
      • Pet and child friendly
      • UV stabilised
      • Thrives in any weather
      • Solid base for garden furniture

      Cons of artificial grass

      • Might not feel as nice as natural grass
      • Expensive to install
      • Not environmentally friendly
      • Lower life-span than natural grass

      Stone flooring ideas…

      Again, there are a few different types of ways that you can incorporate stones into your garden and flooring depending on your budget and aesthetic preferences. 


      Gravel garden flooring…

      Gravel, also known as pea gravel, is a popular alternative to decking and grass for homeowners. It has a smooth texture and comes in various sizes and colours - making it the ideal choice for driveways, paths and seating areas.

      Pros of gravel

      • Cheap to install
      • Helps prevent weeds from growing
      • Low-maintenance 
      • Comes in multiple colours

      Cons of gravel

      • Can move around (will need to be swept back in)
      • Furniture can sink into the surface of gravel

      Slab flooring…

      Gravel is not the only type of stone for your garden, slabs are also a popular and practical choice for garden flooring.

      They create a solid and sturdy base, that is perfect for safely standing on any form of furniture or firepit on it.

      Pros of slabs and paving

      • Low-maintenance
      • Highly durable
      • Slip resistant
      • Fire-resistant

      Cons of slabs and paving

      • Can be expensive to install
      • Heavy (check the area can hold the weight)
      • Little variety in colour and style
      • Difficult to DIY

      Tile flooring ideas…

      Finally, we come to tiles, which are a very modern outdoor flooring solution that can help you emulate a Mediterranean style in your garden.

      It’s a particularly great medium if you are trying to carry on your indoor aesthetic and bring it outdoors.

      Pros of tiles 

      • Low-maintenance
      • Durable
      • Lots of different styles 
      • Modern finish

      Cons of tile

      • Can be expensive to install
      • Need to be non-slip (or could be dangerous)

      Pergola flooring ideas…

      One of the key features of a pergola is that it has four posts, and a roof, but traditionally there is no flooring included.

      Therefore if a pergola is on your list of garden must-haves you’ll need to consider what type of flooring you want to complement the entire look.

      Any of the flooring options above can be installed across your entire garden, or just in certain sections - including under a pergola. This will help you create an outdoor space, that fits your needs ie. a sitting, dining or socialising area.

      Remember, you can mix and match different types of materials to create the garden of your dreams. You don’t have to stick with one medium, and in fact, a combination often adds more interest and texture than one alone.

      How to accessorise your outdoor flooring?

      Remember, the flooring in your outdoor space is just one of the elements that help to create the aesthetic you desire. You can also add accessories, just as you would inside. 

      One of the best ways to do this is to add outdoor rugs or runners to your garden space. These help to add texture, as well as a little personality. It allows you to install plain flooring, that can be updated by switching in and out different rugs. This is a great way to keep things modern, without having to spend lots of money on entire renovations. 

      Although they aren’t to do with flooring, scatter cushions are another way to inject some individuality into your garden space and update regularly.

      You can check out our furniture collection and accessories here, allowing you to create the outdoor space of your dreams.