Pergolas are Taking the UK by Storm

Pergolas are Taking the UK by Storm

As the cheerful Spring weather rolls in, and wishful thoughts of barbeques and blended indoor-outdoor living begin to bloom, there is no better time than now to invest in your garden space. But, with the Great British weather being so unpredictable, is it too early to get your hopes up? We have the solution - the must-have item for all gardens in 2022 – the pergola.

The humble pergola is a rectangular outdoor structure that provides shelter and shade. Usually consisting of four posts and a roof, and occasionally removable walls, these structures can be either free standing or attached to your home. Since December 2021, we have sold over £300,000 worth of pergolas across the UK, transforming the gardens of the nation. But why are people so passionate about pergolas?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, people in the UK are spending an average of 46% more time outdoors than they did pre-lockdown. With that in mind, it is clear why UK citizens are looking to invest in expanding their indoor social space into their gardens. With the great outdoors being the safer, healthier and more refreshing destination to socialise, pergolas are the ideal solution to introducing hybrid indoor/outdoor living into your abode.

Pergolas are multi-functional pieces of garden furniture which can be used to enhance and improve your outdoor experience. So, with so many uses to choose from, how do you achieve your desired look? Check out some of its top ways to utilise and style your pergola below:


Create a cozy hub

For a romantic evening spent under the stars, a pergola is the perfect base to build your experience from. Choose a large open space in your garden, ideally somewhere with tiles or decking, to begin building your alfresco sanctuary. Underneath your pergola, place one of our luxurious outdoor sofa sets to snuggle up on, a coffee table for your midnight tipples, and a fire pit to keep you cosy after sundown. Adorn your sofa with chunky knit blankets and scatter cushions, and don’t forget an outdoor rug underfoot!

Illuminate your cosy hub with lightbulb string lights and lanterns for a dreamy Scandinavian vibe. If you’re looking for a little more privacy, why not include roman style drapey curtains, or rollable sides into your design?


Host a hot tub

If your garden is lucky enough to host a hot tub, why not create a weatherproof set up with a pergola? Place your hot tub underneath your pergola, sheltering it from everything the elements have to throw at it.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, and want to immerse yourself into it as much as possible, why not train vines and creepers up your pergola frame? Reconnect with nature by surrounding your hot tub with beautiful flora and fauna, utilising hanging baskets, potted plants and trellis wire to create a botanical experience so beautiful you will never want to leave!


An extension at a fraction of the cost

If you’ve always wanted to expand your home, a pergola may be the solution you are looking for. Less expensive than an extension or a conservatory, pergolas can be mounted to the side of your home to create a continuation of your living space. Plus, nine times out of ten, you won’t actually need to attain planning permission to extend your space using a pergola.

You can flawlessly extend your interior into your garden using a pergola by continuing your interior style, outdoors. If your abode boasts a gorgeous industrial design style, continue this underneath your pergola with furniture and accessories featuring raw materials, bold lines, and dark, neutral colour schemes.


Outdoor dining

Pergolas are perfect for hosting dinner parties. Encompassing your dining table, pizza oven, and BBQ safely away from the elements, yet still allowing sunlight and fresh air into your space - adding a pergola to your outdoor dining setup can enhance any occasion. 

To create a stylish, Mediterranean style dining setup, choose a rising firepit table, rattan or wicker style chairs, and beautiful tinted glass dinnerware. Don’t forget to incorporate plants, plenty of candles, and co-ordinating napkins for an authentic, holiday style experience.

Now you’ve got the dining setup, you need to provide the food! Whether you are inspired by Italian cuisine and opt for a pizza oven or want to stay versatile with a classy BBQ, your pergola will provide the ultimate space to whip out your apron and tongues, and get cooking outdoors!

So, after discovering these inspiring ideas, are you ready to invest in your indoor/outdoor living experience? We offer a range of award-winning luxury pergolas at affordable prices, plus everything you will need to enhance it, from handcrafted dining sets to water resistant outdoor sofas.