Holiday Locations to Inspire your Alfresco Space

Holiday Locations to Inspire your Alfresco Space

Let’s face it, summer is coming to an end, autumn will soon be in full bloom, and sunny holidays will be a memory of the past. So now is better time than ever to take advantage of the cooler weather rolling in and transform your garden to create a haven from home – ready to enjoy for the remainder of the year.

When the British weather is less than balmy, it is difficult to stay in a positive state of mind. But, with a vacation inspired alfresco space, adapted to suit whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it – you can create a space to unwind, relax, and enjoy.

Our Chief Marketing Officer Joel Garthwaite shares his top three tips to create a holiday inspired space in your own garden, like a professional.


New York – Industrial, city vibes

If you are a fan of modern shapes, bold metals and chromes, and Industrial design, a New York inspired outdoor space might be for you. Think concrete furniture, large metal structures such as pergolas, and a grey colour palette reminiscent of the concrete jungle’s iconic skyline.


Joel comments:

“To create an Industrial style, New York inspired outdoor space, I would begin with a pergola as a base of your design. With its large, contemporary shape and modern metal composition, a pergola is the ideal starting block to build your design around.

“Opt for a pergola with lighting, especially if this is colourful or adaptable. This will reflect the bright lights of Times Square, and provide mood lighting for your autumnal hosting calendar. Plus, it will offer shelter come rain or shine, so your alfresco space can remain in use all year round.

“The next thing you will need is a grey toned colour palette. Sun loungers? Grey. Sofa Set? Grey. Dining table? You guessed it. This chic yet understated tone will reflect the concrete jungle perfectly, and will ensure your entire outdoor space ties together to create an effortlessly stylish display.”


Amalfi Coast – Mediterranean, old town vibes

If you prefer a more classic, ‘summer holiday’ atmosphere – the Italian Amalfi Coast is your ultimate inspiration. With gorgeous tile style patterns, bold blues and bright whites, and driftwood accents, this Mediterranean style radiates sunshine – even when the weather doesn’t co-operate.


Joel advises:

“To create an outdoor space inspired by the iconic Amalfi Coast, it is all about choosing pieces that remind you of sunny, Mediterranean holidays. Think bright white parasols overlooking a glass topped dining table filled with sundries, olive oil, and freshly baked baguette. You get the vibe.

“Accessorising is a great way to achieve the Amalfi Coast image without spending Amalfi Coast prices. Think showerproof patterned throw cushions for the ultimate lounging experience, circular embroidered rugs to add an extra sense of indulgence to your seating space, and low level lighting such as floor lanterns to keep your relaxation going as the sun sets. Dreamy.”


Monaco– Luxurious, socialite vibes

If you lean towards the more luxurious things in life, and prefer a social lifestyle as opposed to relaxing alone – a Monaco inspired alfresco space is for you. This lavish design oozes all things opulent, and fuses multi-purpose furnishings with chic stylings to create the ultimate soiree space.


Joel states:

“If you are looking to create an alfresco space inspired by the splendid streets of Monaco, you need to consider two main components – social, and splendour. Catering to both of these elements will help to create your dream alfresco area – and it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

“To achieve the Monaco vibe, think social seating. Invest in a sumptuous outdoor sofa that surrounds a firepit dining table – open flames and bright white upholstery make the ultimate extravagant combo. Accompany your seating arrangement with dining amenities – a kamado egg grill, stylish serving platters, and a drinks bucket filled with ice, lemon wedges, and champagne. You’ll be the envy of all of your guests.”


So, with three vacation inspired garden aesthetics to inspire your next outdoor revamp, which one will you choose? From industrial concrete jungle vibes, to coastal Mediterranean inspired spaces – we have all of the top trending alfresco furnishings and accessories to make it happen.