Harbour Partnerships

As a Harbour Partner you can enjoy an exclusive discount and other benefits including support from our specialist team who are on hand to guide you through our plethora of outdoor collections.

How does it work?

What type of customers qualify?

Designed for skilled landscapers seeking premium items and competitive pricing to enhance their landscaping projects.
Interior Designer
Unlock a world of design possibilities with our partnership. It's your backstage pass to a range of signature products designed to infuse your projects.
Hotel & Spa
Our partnership scheme is tailored for hotels and spas looking to furnish their establishments with high-quality furniture.
Restaurants & Bars
Looking to revitalise your restaurant or bar's outdoor space? Our partnership scheme provides access to a wide range of premium outdoor furniture and accessories.
Hospitality & Events
Enhance the allure of your hospitality and event venues with our exclusive partnership program, offering comfortable & premium products designed to create unforgettable experiences.
Sporting Venues

Your Benefits

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